Definitions for "Objectivity"
Philosophical position that people may perceive reality in ways that do not reflect their social interests; modern science values the assumption that knowledge may be objectively generated.
Emphasizing or expressing the nature of reality as it is apart from personal reflection or feelings; independence of mind.
Fair, unbiased, and objective; not subjective. To Top
Impartiality and intellectual honesty.
the ability to exercise judgement, express opinions and present recommendations with impartiality.
state of being detached from, and external to, whatever is being perceived or affirmed, often previously seen as aiding neutrality and therefore accuracy in judgement, but now seen as impossible or inappropriate in both science and theology.
This describes the degree to which the diagnosis is independent of the investigator (e. g. the interviewer).
( the sense of objectivity appropriate to the study of religion): A striving to draw near to the object of investigation at the point where all relevant perspectives on it intersect, thus to comprehend it in its transcendence beyond any one perspective in a way that commands the recognition of those who dwell within them and know them well. It is fundamentally a matter of doing justice to the object itself, the object in the round. (This meaning of objectivity is to be distinguished from that often associated with modern natural science, namely a comprehensive methodology of distancing: of separating the investigating self from the object of investigation.)
is an independent mental attitude which requires internal auditors to perform audits in such a manner that they have an honest belief in their work product and that no significant quality compromises are made. Objectivity requires internal auditors not to subordinate their judgment on audit matters to that of others. (120.01 and .02)
Precision with which test is cored
Being factual and free from personal feelings or pre-suppositions, especially in assessing student learning. See also Objective tests
Describes singleness of scoring of a test; it does not reflect the biases of the person grading the test.
Conscious awareness of being able to view events, situations, and ideas without reacting in a highly personalized way.
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The state, quality, or relation of being objective; character of the object or of the objective.