Definitions for "Subjectivity"
A fairly recent concept in psychodynamic psychotherapy is the notion of subjectivity and its related term, inter-subjectivity. Within the North American schools these concepts signal a distinct departure from traditional and classical views of the defenses (qv) first described by Freud.
looking at something from a personal point of view
a personal stance, not impartial (cf. objectivity).
Use of individual judgment in evaluating motor performance
A matter of opinion on the part of the writer.
judgment based on individual personal impressions and feelings and opinions rather than external facts
The quality or state of being subjective; character of the subject.
(Reber) 1. The quality of dealing with objects and events as phenomenological, subjective experiences. 2. An approach to phenomena characterised by internal interpretation.
an approach that focuses on the active strategies that all organizational members develop in their work, and through which they construct aspects of social identity. Often connected with ‘positive resistance' or workers resisting in support of the broader interests of being effective in their jobs.
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