Definitions for "journal"
Daily; diurnal.
A book of accounts, in which is entered a condensed and grouped statement of the daily transactions.
A newspaper published daily;
An accounting record where all business transactions are originally entered....
A diary; an account of daily transactions and events.
A daily register of the ship's course and distance, the winds, weather, incidents of the voyage, etc.
That portion of a rotating piece, as a shaft, axle, spindle, etc., which turns in a bearing or box. See Illust. of Axle box.
That part of a shaft that is in contact with, and supported by, a bearing.
That part of a rotating shaft supported by a bearing.
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A printed tape inside a cash register that records all ongoing customer transactions. Also known as Journal Tape.
an online public diary located on each Personal Space.
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a good place to do that
a great place to keep track of your daily or weekly commitment to the number of words you intend to write and to document what you've actually accomplished
a method of thinking out loud or talking to yourself through writing
a notebook in which students record their personal reflections, questions they are wondering about, ideas, words or expressions they want to remember or feelings they have about experiences in class
a wonderful looking
a wonderful periodical, and I seem to recall recently reading therein that the SIA is collaborating with the National Park Service to establish a major steel manufacturing heritage museum in upstate Pennsylvania
a dry description, mingling the uninteresting with the brightest moments of sport
a dry description, mingling the uninteresting would be endless and boring
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That which has occurred in a day; a day's work or travel; a day's journey.
a helpful way of keeping up with our spiritual journey
a personal account of one's own inner journey toward wholeness
an extension of you, don't worry about what others will think, no one but you should be reading it
an intellectual conversation
a resource, a way of getting down first impressions, details without having to worry about it being letter-perfect, lists of phrases or snatches of conversation
a great idea for the transcribed conversation
a great listener and it will never get sick about hearing stories of your ex
a great place to explore your life lessons, express your deeply held beliefs and develop your opinions
a little bit of everything, I believe, and resists being held to any one description
a plodding monstrosity, though admittedly little more so than the chapters around it
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a good place to look back on with the spells, rituals and other magickal things that you have done
a good thing to have
an important tool because it serves, among other things, to improve one's time management skills and ability to estimate the time required for future tasks
a traditional unit of land area in France, equal to the area that could be plowed in a day ( jour is the French word for day). The unit varied from one region to another, generally in the range 0.3-0.45 hectare (0.75-1.1 acres). The juchart (see below) was a very similar unit used in Switzerland and southern Germany.
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kitaabbee View
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See "TCR."
a good way of being able to look back when you are not as emotional and find if there is a pattern to the behavior
a nice way to keep in touch with your emotions
a sure fire way to reach the heart of the Astrological Community
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an open dictatorship
a recordbook of notarial acts including vital information about the signer, the document, and the notarial act.
a continued series of writings made by a person in response to their life experiences and events
a deeper, more focused collection of questions, answers and musings, rather than a simple catalog of day to day events
an attempt to understand the significance of events and their implications for us
A printed report of a unit's incoming and out going transactions. It may be printed automatically on demand or manually at a specified interval. Information may include date and time of transmission, the fax number/name, duration, number of pages, and result errors incurred, and comment.
a list of all transmissions and receptions (usually, the last 50-100) that have occurred using the fax machine
a significant extracurricular activity
a forum for women and men to examine a broad range of subjects from prayer and religious observance to education and advocacy from a contemporary feminist perspective
a metaphysical being, for which no one is really responsible, and which owes its existence solely to mutual concessions
a step on the road to institutionalization, but it still does not explain where resources come from
a resource so that you can be correct
a workbook in which you can make plans and resolve difficulties
A system object that identifies the objects being journaled, the current journal receiver, and all the journal receivers on the system for the journal. The system-recognized identifier for the object type is *JRN.
an excellent summary of the ins and outs of monetary unit (also known as dollar unit) sampling
an excellent way to get a head-start on next year's science project
an essential resource for the top criminal justice administrators nationwide
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a story about a trip he made to India several years ago on a consulting assignment
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a cooperative venture
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an absolute must-read for any regular reader of this blog
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a form of private communication between you as a voice and you as audience
a very private document
a very private item, meant only for you
a device for enhancing our ability to recall memories
a key outlet for papers in this field
a publication providing coverage and analysis of the field of accounting
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a very valid option for someone in business, though different prompts are sometimes needed
a natural solution, which combines multiple logically connected postings in a single officially numbered, and thus uniquely identifiable, business document
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a form of masturbation
a documentation of where we were at a specific time and a specific date
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ጆርናል View
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a good shape