Definitions for "Dropout"
Momentary loss of recorded audio or video signal during playback, due to imperfections in the tape.
Videotape signal voids, viewed as fleeting white specks or streaks. Usually result of tiny "bare spots" on a tape's magnetic particle coating caused by dirt or tape debris blocking video information signals.
self-disconnection due to supply characteristics out of design limits.
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The part of the frame and fork that the wheels are bolted into.
Dropouts in their most common forms are the slotted plates on your frame or fork that your wheels bolt into. They usually come in pairs and they can be found in the front or rear. Some dropouts have vertical slots and some have horizontal slots. They vary widley in shape, size, thickness and general design but they all provide a place to secure the hub axle in some way or another.
The slot in frame or fork that the axle slides in when installing a wheel.
A halftone in which no dots fall on white areas.
A halftone in which the extreme highlights do not reproduce.
Halftone dots or fine lines eliminated from highlights by overexposure during camera work.
A grade seven through twelve student who left school prior to completing the school year and had not returned by Information Day (a day in October when students throughout the state and are counted and enrollment is determined). This does not include students who receive a General Education Development (GED) or California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) certificate, transfer to another high school or to a college, move out of the United States, are suspended or sick that day, or enrolled late. (Ed Source)
someone who quits school before graduation
a student who leaves school before graduating
The lower limit of the AC input voltage where the power supply just begins to experience insufficient input to maintain regulation. The dropout voltage for linears is quite load dependent. For most switchers it is largely design dependent, and to a smaller degree load dependent.
A discrete voltage loss. A voltage sag (complete or partial) for a very short period of time (milliseconds) constitutes a dropout.
The minimum input voltage that is insufficient to maintain full regulation of the outputs of a battery charger or power supply.
a source whose radiation disappears shortward of a given filter
Use of colored lamps or filters inside a scanner in conjunction with specially printed forms, in order to make certain pre-printed text or rulings invisible in the scanned image. This aids character recognition and results in smaller image files.
In astronomy, dropout is a radiation source whose radiation intensity falls off sharply above a specific wavelength. The source will be easily visible when its light is filtered to wavelengths longer than the cutoff value, but will "drop out" of the image when it is filtered to wavelengths shorter than the threshold.
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a revolutionary
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See knockout.
an interuption or unrecoverable loss of recorded information for a specific period of time
The loss of data from one or more scan lines.
Weighted mechanical device for disengaging gearing or motor operator for rolling fire doors. Also used to activate closing spring and to release governor in case of fire.
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Parts electro chemical etching without tabs.
Colloquial term for a person who discontinues a program of education or training.
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a drop kick taken from the centre of the try line
a requirement which has become increasingly important
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Skill Certificate
someone who withdraws from a social group or environment