Definitions for "Enrolled"
officially entered in a roll or list; "an enrolled student"
A status indicating a Medicaid provider or payee has gone through the process of submitting paperwork to the Provider Participation Unit and been reviewed and approved.
The status of a student who has completed the registration requirements (except for the payment of tuition and fees) at the school the student is attending or will attend.
The stage in a bill's legislative progress when it has been passed by both chambers of the legislature in identical form and is prepared for signature by the presiding officers of both houses. If the bill is not passed in identical form by both houses, any changes made by the opposite chamber must be accepted by the originating chamber or a conference committee report must be adopted by both chambers before the bill may be enrolled.
when a copy of a passed bill is prepared for presentation to the governor
A bill is an enrolled bill if it was amended in the opposite chamber.