Definitions for "Early decision"
Some colleges offer to notify applicants of acceptance or rejection during the first semester of their senior year. There are two types of early decision plans: the single-choice plan and the first-choice plan. In the single-choice plan, students cannot apply to other colleges until the early decision college has notified them. In the first-choice plan, students may apply to other colleges, but name the early decision college as the first choice and agree to enroll at that college and withdraw all other applications if accepted.
The student can apply to a college by an early deadline to guarantee their admission, but is obligated to attend that college under a binding contract.
A program by which colleges and universities admit outstanding students before the usual admission date and require them to make a commitment to attend at the time of application. A student may not apply to more than one Early Decision program and, if admitted, MUST attend. Students should carefully read the application materials of the individual colleges before applying to any early program.