Definitions for "Override"
Keywords:  veto, governor, vote, overturn, annul
To suppress; to destroy; to supersede; to annul; to nullify; as, one law overrides another; to override a veto.
The legislature may pass a measure over the governor's objections by voting to override a veto by a two-thirds majority of members present in both houses.
Accomplished when a body of the legislature votes to pass a law the Governor earlier vetoed.
Keywords:  fiction, soukup, glover, martha, danny
Override is a 1994 American science fiction genre short film. It was the directorial debut of Danny Glover and starred Lou Diamond Phillips. It is based on the Nebula- and Hugo-nominated short story, Over the Long Haul, by Martha Soukup.
Override is the name of two different fictional characters in Transformers universes.
Keywords:  preset, manual, pilot, lalo, overrode
To replace (one system with another); as, the pilot overrode the automatic pilot and took manual control of the airplane.
A safety pilot which is set to take control if the working pilot malfunctions and allows pressure of flow to go outside preset limits.
a manually operated device to correct the operation of an automatic device
the act of nullifying; making null and void; counteracting or overriding the effect or force of something
counteract the normal operation of (an automatic gear shift in a vehicle)
Keywords:  outride, trample, ride, beyond, horse
To ride over or across; to ride upon; to trample down.
To ride beyond; to pass; to outride.
To ride too much; to ride, as a horse, beyond its strength.
Extra commission paid by suppliers for volume or quantity sales.
Additional commission paid to agents as a bonus for productivity and/or volume.
A form of commission paid by an insurer to an intermediary, such as a managing general agent, for producing business.
To countermand; to overrule; as, a supervisor may override the decision of a subordinate.
An override occurs when a revenue yield manager rejects the recommendations of a computer-based revenue yield management demand forecasting and price-setting system, and chooses other prices. Overrides occur when the decision maker perceives the local demand patterns to be at odds with those utilized by the model. In other cases, however, overrides occur due to a lack of trust in the model and the technological approach towards decision making, resulting in a loss of decision making power on the part of the revenue yield manager.
The word "Override" will appear on the Required Action column of the Approver's Summary page when either the approver or superuser corrects or makes changes to a submitted timesheet.
To intercept a message and take action on it See also: message override, override function
Keywords:  npa, auto, assured, dialing, instead
Dialing 01 instead of 011 or 0+NPA instead of 1+NPA to use real time service on a line that is provisioned for auto-assured.
Keywords:  flange, tee, offset, stability, ceiling
Offset on the end of some cross tees that rests on top of the supporting member's flange. Increases stability and moves cut edge of tee out of the visible plane of the ceiling.
Keywords:  quicker, recharge, vts, faster, safety
A function on second and third generation VTs which disables the safety limiters on a VT allowing for faster movement and quicker battery recharge time. When enabled, the VT will consume fuel at 10 times the normal rate.
Special permission from the teaching department/centre to register in a course that has prerequisites and/or restrictions that you do not meet or that may be full.
A classification action initiated at the facility where the offender is assigned that requests a custody designation and a facility placement assignment more or less restrictive than the offender's scored custody designation.
To write new code that replaces the default code of an inherited method.
Indicates that the input should be added to, instead of replacing, the current contents of the specified properties. New entries override previous entries.
v.t. To take control over or replace: "I am overriding your ability to speak with this implement."
the process of including a current recording at what is the current location in an audio document where any previously recorded audio at that location is recorded over.
When the hard drive is full, new shows will write over the oldest-recorded show, unless you instruct the Recorder not to.
prevail over; "health considerations override financial concerns"
Keywords:  seizure, occupied, circuit, even
Seizure of a circuit even though the circuit is already occupied.
the profits generated by the sales of other distributors working in a distributor's business.
in outdoor advertising, continuation of advertising past the time stated in the contract, free of charge.
To specify attributes at run time that change the attributes specified in the file description or in the program. The attributes specified at run time that change the attributes specified in the file description or in the program. In object-oriented programming, to define a new class behavior by changing a method inherited from a parent class.
Keywords:  permanent, raise, taxes
a permanent raise in taxes
Keywords:  bill, class, items, adjust, remove
A functionality that allows the management-class users to adjust and remove items from the bill