Definitions for "Instead"
Keywords:  joblets, abits, intuition, quiet, chop
Device for breaking habits. It is generally easier to substitute a new habit, the instead, than it is to try to resist the old habit. Quitting a H abits Intuition. Common term for the products of the quiet (non-verbal) brain modules. Joblet. A joblet is a unit of work that has a goal, a start, and a finish. It should be small enough to fit into a convenient unit of time (twenty minutes, an hour, or the like). It can be part of a larger job. Chop jobs into joblets
In the place or room; -- usually followed by of.
"Instead" is the fifth single from Stacie Orrico's second album Stacie Orrico. It was originally rumoured to be the follow-up single to "I Promise" but "I Could Be The One" was released instead. "Instead" was the final commercial single from the album, only being released in Japan and to Christian radio.
on the contrary; "rather than disappoint the children, he did two quick tricks before he left"; "he didn't call; rather (or instead), he wrote her a letter"; "used English terms instead of Latin ones"
in place of, or as an alternative to; "Felix became a herpetologist instead"; "alternatively we could buy a used car"
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a wise choice
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Equivalent; equal to; -- usually with of.