Definitions for "rebate"
A partial refund following a purchase.
To deduct from; to make a discount from, as interest due, or customs duties.
To return a portion of a sum paid, as a method of discounting of prices.
A rectangular longitudinal recess or groove, cut in the corner or edge of any body; a rabbet. See Rabbet.
To cut a rebate in. See Rabbet, v.
Rectangular recess or groove cut longitudinally to receive a(nother) timber; e.g. recess in door jamb into which door fits. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 414)
To abate; to withdraw.
Deduction; abatement; as, a rebate of interest for immediate payment; a rebate of importation duties.
Famously, in 1984 the UK negotiated an abatement to its contributions to the Community budget.
Funds due to the client from the reserve account once the invoice is paid off. The act of disbursing such funds.
The amount of the reserve account that is remitted to the client upon payment of an invoice.
As defined in the Tax Reform Act 1986, state and local governments must "rebate" or remit to the U.S. Treasury Department interest earned on any portion of gross bond proceeds (bond proceeds plus funds segregated and pledged to pay debt service) that was invested at a higher yield than the original reoffering yield on the bonds to the public, with certain exceptions.
In insurance, a controversial practice whereby a portion of the agent's commission, or anything of value is given to the prospective insured as an inducement to buy. Rebates are illegal in most states.
Offering any valuable consideration, usually all or part of the commission, to the prospect or insured as an inducement to buy or renew.
Giving to the policy owner some part of the agent's commission (or something of value) as an inducement to buy, which is an illegal action.
To beat to obtuseness; to deprive of keenness; to blunt; to turn back the point of, as a lance used for exercise.
A piece of wood hafted into a long stick, and serving to beat out mortar.
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If you are contracted-out of SERPS, that part of your National Insurance Contributions which is paid into your pension plan is known as a 'rebate'.
a full or partial recovery of GST paid, and is available to public service bodies
Often, Speakeasy offers rebates on the install or hardware cost of a DSL or T1 installation. This means that, after your initial 25-day term of service with Speakeasy, and providing you have paid the fee/charge in question, you will be eligible for any rebates. Once you complete the rebate form exactly as required, and send it off, it will take roughly 12 weeks to process the rebate. This allows time for your rebate to reach the rebate center via mail, them to process your rebate (by ensuring you are a customer and qualified for this particular rebate), and time for that rebate check to reach you. This process might seem overly complex, but the rigorous check that the rebate center performs help ensure that our costs are low enough to continue to offer a rebate program.
That part of a transport charge which the carrier agrees to return.
Refers to money that is set aside to return to the customer, usually if they reach certain pre determined dollar volume levels. This would ordinarily be paid at the end of the season, quarterly or annually.
The return of funds issued to the client by a factor from the reserve account.
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an amount of money taken off the tax after your tax rate has been worked out
a tax on stupid, lazy people
an amount that is to be subtracted from the amount of tax payable.
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a BMW Car Club of America benefit to members of one year or more
a payment the carmaker makes directly to you when you buy the car
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A set-back in timber, stone, etc.
cut a rebate in (timber or stone)
join with a rebate; "rebate the pieces of timber and stone"
A kind of hard freestone used in making pavements.
An iron tool sharpened something like a chisel, and used for dressing and polishing wood.
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The part of a frame in joinery which is designed to receive glass which can be face putty glazed or receive a removable glazing bead to hold the panel of glass in place.
The section of the frame surround which forms an angle into which the glass is placed and held.
An amount by which a debit to a STAR Cardholder's Access Account is made smaller by an Acquirer Member in connection with an Eligible STAR Transaction initiated at a STAR Terminal.
The amount of the up-front interest rebate given to Direct Subsidized Loan, Direct Unsubsidized Loan and Direct Plus Loan borrowers beginning with loans made for the 2000 - 2001 program year. The rebate amount is equal to 1.5 percent of the loan amount borrowed. Borrowers must make their first 12 required monthly payments on time or the rebate amount will be added back to the principal balance on their loans.
Representative Sample Revitalization
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Depth of the aperture into which a fire or fireplace must be set to lie flush to the wall.
A cash payment made to the purchaser of solar energy system. Currently in California, PV systems are eligible for rebates that reduce the cost of systems by almost 50%.
a sales promotion technique that involves cash reimbursement to a customer who purchases a product or uses a particular service
That part of a group room rate which the hotel gives to the event's sponsoring organization to help offset the cost of conference-related activities.
Under the Internal Revenue Code, positive Arbitrage must be rebated to the federal government.
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MP] Same as Negative Points.
See Negative points.
margin on photographic film surrounding the image area.
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a simple thing
a binding contract and they are not allowed to modify the terms without your consent
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a great way to get the word out that this is
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an OFFER that THEY made to YOU
a transaction between you and HP
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A lender credit given to the borrower to pay for closing costs in exchange for the borrower taking a higher interest rate.