Definitions for "Reimbursement"
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Cash or other assets received as a repayment of the cost of work or services performed or of other expenditures made for or on behalf of another governmental unit or department or for an individual, firm, or corporation.
A fixed amount stated in a judgment that orders the defendant to pay back to the government welfare that the government paid on behalf of the child
In insurance, payment to the insured for a covered expense or loss incurred by or on behalf of the insured.
BJA will authorize the payment and transfer the amount into the jurisdiction's account only after NIJ has received the armor and verified that the requested armor has all the relevant information filled out in the questionnaire.
A reimbursement is a payment made to an indiviual for personal funds expended in the amount of $500 or less per individual item when a purchase order is unavailable or not accepted by the vendor. Reimbursements are limited to non-inventorial tangible goods, as allowed within the scope of University policies.
A sum received by the U.S. Government in payment for commodities sold or services furnished, either to the public or to another Government account, that are authorized by law to be credited directly to a specific account.
The return of funds back to an investor.
Means a payment to a NFWF Recipient or NFWF Contractor that restores funds to it for outlays of cash in connection with a Project by such NFWF Recipient or NFWF Contractor.
Collection of funds for services provided to recipients outside the USAID.
When a Participant must pay for transportation or parking in order to make a Study Visit during a Clinical Trial, the Sponsor may pay the Participant back for those costs.
using EIF loan proceeds to pay back a municipal account that advanced internal funds to temporarily pay project costs.
Payment between the issuing and paying banks
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a credit against the tax to be withheld from income later paid to the same payee
a direct cash repayment to the sponsoring agency
a payment you make to your employees as a repayment for amounts they spent (such as gas and repairs) while conducting your business
The method of repayment to a parent who has made up-front child care costs.
Subsidy offered by state healthcare systems to consumers medicines.
From a stop loss perspective, compensation to the group for all eligible claims in excess of the specific or aggregate deductible.
reinsurance replacement cost insurance
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The process by which health care providers receive payment for their services. Because of the nature of the health care environment, providers are often reimbursed by third parties that insure and represent patients.
The process by which health care providers are paid for their services.
an integral part of providing nutritional services, and we really benefit from that
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Optional field in Meal Rates that allows the % reimbursement for serving #1 of this meal.
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The act reimbursing.