Definitions for "indemnity"
An expressed or implied contract to compensate an individual for loss or damage; for example, an insurance policy.
Security; insurance; exemption from loss or damage, past or to come; immunity from penalty, or the punishment of past offenses; amnesty.
Indemnification, compensation, or remuneration for loss, damage, or injury sustained.
Clause included on written requests to mutual fund companies, holding Raymond James responsible for any liability the fund may incur from performing the request. All correspondence including this clause must be signature guaranteed under the Medallion program.
A lease contract provision that absolves the lessor from charges incurred by the lessee Read more
A lease contract provision that absolves the lessor from charges incurred by the lessee. Because the leased vehicle is in the name of the lessor, this indemnity section is necessary to shift responsibility for parking and traffic tickets to the lessee.
indemnity - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
If a share certificate has been lost and a duplicate issued then the shareholder has to indemnify the registrar in the event that the lost certificate has been or is subsequently sold by someone else. However, for a fee, the investor can effectively insure against having to pay the full cost of the lost shares by applying for a letter of indemnity.
A petition by the former property owner, to the court to be found faultless in losing their real estate property and to be awarded a judgment for the market value of the lost property.
A document which contains a legally binding undertaking to make payment to a paying bank in response to an indemnity claim. An indemnity, in standard form, is an essential requirement of the Scheme.
a contractual obligation under which a person assumes primary responsibility for the debt or undertaking of another
an agreement to pay so much per day under certain circumstances
A right of someone to recover from a third party the whole amount which he himself is liable to pay.
A coverage type that pays maximum benefits according to a schedule. This is almost always a less favorable plan that a major medical which pays based on reasonable and customary.
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a valuable consideration
Payment for services rendered. Each encounter with the patient generates a charge in the expectation that the provider will be paid. Also known as Fee for Service.
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See Higher Lending Charge.
a form of guarantee, which could be requested by a finance company
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