Definitions for "loss"
A reduction in the value of an investment.
Destruction or diminution of value, if brought about in a manner provided for in the insurance contract (as destruction by fire or wreck, damage by water or smoke), or the death or injury of an insured person; also, the sum paid or payable therefor; as, the losses of the company this year amount to a million of dollars.
Reduction in signal strength, expressed in decibels; also, attenuation; opposite of gain.
Privation of that which we had, or had not. Thus, in the latter sense, it is said of a defeated candidate that he "lost his election"; and of that eminent man, the poet Gilder, that he has "lost his mind." It is in the former and more legitimate sense, that the word is used in the famous epitaph: Here Huntington's ashes long have lain Whose loss is our eternal gain, For while he exercised all his powers Whatever he gained, the loss was ours.
The state of losing or having lost; the privation, defect, misfortune, harm, etc., which ensues from losing.
That which is lost or from which one has parted; waste; -- opposed to gain or increase; as, the loss of liquor by leakage was considerable.
Where expenses exceed sales or revenue; an item sold for less than its cost, that is below the sum of direct and indirect costs (=full cost)
The excess of the cost of an asset over its sale price. An expense resulting from not making a profit.
the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue; "the company operated at a loss last year"; "the company operated in the red last year"
The portion of energy applied to a system that is dissipated and performs no useful work.
The difference between energy input and actual energy output.
Energy applied to a transmission line that is dissipated and performs no useful work.
The drop in signal level between two points in a network. Measured in decibels (dB).
Attenuation of optical signal, normally measured in decibels.
Attenuation of an optical signal, usually measured in dB.
The act of losing; failure; destruction; privation; as, the loss of property; loss of money by gaming; loss of health or reputation.
financial: incurring a penalty or deficit re. one's earnings, profits or assets; If economic loss is to some extent recoverable, then it must be economic loss flowing directly from the physical damage. lose (v)
the act of losing; "everyone expected him to win so his loss was a shock"
The net negative return generated by a business on its operations.
a negative amount
Income earned by an entrepreneur for running a business when that income is negative. (p. 44)
an event - accompanying a change in control or ownership - as such, it has no inherent feeling
a sudden and destructive event
In insurance terms, loss means an unintentional decrease in the value of a piece of property as the result of some event.
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Loss is the debut album of Scottish indie pop band Mull Historical Society.
A decrease in the value of a mutual fund shares. The loss is not realized until the mutual fund shares are sold for a lower price than the purchase price.
Decrease of assets amount as a result of undertaken transactions.
The decrease in the energy of signal power in transmission along a circuit due to the resistance or impedance of the circuit or equipment.
Missing portion or whole of ornament or structure. (See Lacuna).
describes a localized area of artist's material that is missing, perhaps causing a disruption in the design. Can apply equally to support, design layers, or coatings.
Missing area in one or more layers of the painting; most frequently the result of flaking, abrasion, tearing, etc. Loss Examples
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When a company makes less money than they spend, they have had a loss. For example, say you open a lemonade stand. In the morning, you go to the store to buy your supplies. It costs you $5 to buy the lemons, sugar, and everything else for your business. But at the end of the day, you have only sold $4 worth of lemonade. You have $1 less at the end of the day than you did at the beginning. The $1 difference is a loss.
gradual decline in amount or activity; "weight loss"; "a serious loss of business"
The amount by which the purchase price of something (usually an investment) exceeds the selling price.
The difference between the amount of water that is actually placed on the land and the amount of water that was physically diverted to the headgate. Losses usually are from seepage and evaporation.
a reminder that could have sparked tension between the two more effectively than what the spoilers suggested will
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Loss incurred as a result of a Forex transaction.
Loss borne by the Crédit Municipal when the auction sale price does not cover the costs incurred and fees due to the Crédit Municipal.
euphemistic expressions for death; "thousands mourned his passing"
In CRiSP.1, a withdrawal (+) or deposit (-) of water to a river segment from an unspecified source. Losses are used to represent irrigation removals and ground water returns to river segments.
A feeling of emotional deprivation that is experienced at some point in time.
The detriment or harm of your physical being, emotions, or property (economic loss).
a terrible thing, especially when it's someone so young
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a little harder to take when you know you didn't play as hard as you could
Failure to gain or win; as, loss of a race or battle.
Failure to use advantageously; as, loss of time.
In the ionosphere it refers to the removal of free electrons from the ionosphere.
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See Fading.
Used to donate a form of compression that does degrade the quality of the image being compressed.
With regard to property, refers to a lessening in value; with regard to a business, refers to operating “in the red.
Difference in the weight of a metal before and after it has been worked. Lot A selection of stones grouped together according to similarities in color, purity, cut or other general characteristics.
Acronym for LAPS Observing System Simulation.
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an indirect result of an accident or fire
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a decline in value, and in a fraud-on-the-market case, that necessarily occurs at a point in time after the purchase
Killed, wounded, and captured persons, or captured property.
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Late tape Lay off
Difference between the acquisition price of a security and its sale price (if lower).- up
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Client is responsible of the documents of the rented vehicle. In case of documents' loss a charge will be applied.
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a determination of fact
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a very personal matter
Loss Carry Back (Carry Forward) Loss control activities
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See Net loss .
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Loss Rate