Definitions for "efficiency"
The quality of being efficient or producing an effect or effects; efficient power; effectual agency.
The ratio of useful work to energy expended.
(see also allocative efficiency and technical efficiency) The extent to which the maximum possible benefit is achieved out of the available resources.
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Refers to how cost effectively company produce and sell a product or service
refers to the relative costs of media delivery to a specific audience; the balance between audience size and media cost. See cost efficiency.
The degree of cost effectiveness of advertising as measured by a comparison of cost to messages delivered to the target audience (i.e. CPP, CPM).
Ability of a filter to remove particle matter from an air stream. Measured by comparing concentrate of material upstream and downstream of the filter. Typical particulate sizes range from .3 micron to 50 micron.( 050)
A filter's ability to remove particles of a specified size from the air
The ability, expressed as a percent, of a filter to remove a specified artificial contaminant at a given contaminant concentration under specified test conditions.
The percentage of rentable area which is usable. For example, a 90% efficient floor provides 900 usable square feet for every 1,000 rentable square feet.
The accomplishment of something with the least amount of effort. See fuel efficiency, mechanical efficiency, thermal efficiency, and volumetric efficiency.
the time and effort required for the information system to respond to the information need.
An apartment consisting of one room, sectioned into areas for a kitchen, bedroom, etc.
a room with kitchen facilities (i
a single room that contains your bedroom, kitchen, and living space all in one area
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producing a desired result without waste. Efficiency is concerned with how well a task is performed. Effectiveness deals with the necessity of the task itself. Efficiency answers the question, "Are we doing things right?" (See Effectiveness and Productivity).
the ability to produce good results without wasting time or resources; in financial theory, the fact that all new information is rapidly communicated, understood by market participants, and incorporated into prices.
(ef FI cien cy) n: the quality or fact of producing the desired effect with minimum effort, expense, or waste The commander is permitted greater efficiency and effectiveness by echeloning more than one command and control element.
Used synonymously with "Efficacy." Electric Discharge Lamp A light source that produces light by passing a current between electrodes through a vapor or gas; includes fluorescent, high-intensity discharge (HID) and other lamps.
The power to produce an effect. Chlorine's efficacy is affected by many factors, including the sun, water balance and the water's chlorine demand.
see Efficacy
a measure of the zone or band broadening in chromatography expressed as plate height or number of plates.
a measure of how much paper is used to obtain features of the subject versus extra paper that is merely hidden away.
A measure of EDM performance which varies with the on and off time settings for an EDM cut. Duty cycle.
Efficiency is the percentage of particles that are captured by an air purifier or filter compared to the total number of particles that challenge the filter. The higher the efficiency, the better. That means the air purifier is capturing more particles, and fewer pass through. There are several methods used to measure efficiency.
The copier's actual running speed when running certain jobs, expressed by BLI as percentage of the copier/s rated speed.
The collector loop efficiency and the system efficiency are calculated.
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see intercooler efficiency
Market EfficiencyThe degree to which a market allows for price to reflect all...
Degree to which element will perform in removing solids and/or liquids.
The degree to which repeated values for a statistic cluster around the parameter.
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Envelope Generator (EG) EIA
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(adj.) With respect to CAD, the speed with which software can execute a command. This is reflected in the amount of computer processing time required to execute a command.
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Refer to Irrigation Efficiency
Equal employment opportunity Exit interviews
A reference to the Sensitivity of a loudspeaker. A relatively sensitive loudspeaker is sometimes called "efficient."
The fact that the Results were obtained at reasonable cost, i.e. how well Means and Activities were converted into Results, and the quality of the Results achieved.
The percentage of available sunlight converted to electricity by a module or cell.
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See Luminaire Efficiency.
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Doing things right' – doing those things which are deemed to be effective as well as possible.
A portfolio is considered efficient when its volatility is lower than its historical return.
Projects must not reduce the efficiency of a business or its utilisation of labour.
How easily and inexpensively transactions can occur. see also price efficiency.
A situation in which the quantities of goods and services produced are those that people value most highly—in which we cannot produce more of a good or service without giving up some of another good or service that people value more highly. (p. 66)
It is the potential capacity of simple or complex systems to produce results.
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Another word for economy.
Any reference to efficiency must be accompanied by a qualifying statement which identifies the efficiency under consideration, as in the following definitions of efficiency
Actual performance of a piece of equipment compared to ideal 100
Performance at specified rating conditions.
The allocation of goods to their uses of highest relative value.