Definitions for "Random walk"
Unpredictable motion resulting from increments that are generally assumed to be independent of the past (Markov property).
An academic theory stating there is no correlation between prices from one day to the next and that prices will act unpredictably.
A theory that assumes that the future price movement of a security cannot be predicted from past price movement (directly refuting technical analysts' use of charts as a method of forecasting stock prices) and that the random nature of securities prices makes it impossible to outperform the market.
A process in which instantaneous changes in exchange rates are normally distributed with a zero mean and constant variance.
a series of displacements of a point cg in space, each with a direction randomly sampled from cg an isotropic distribution and a distance randomly cg sampled from an exponential distribution whose cg average value is the mean free path
A method of simulating random movements by beginning at a point and proceeding to a succession of new points by choosing angles at random and moving a standard distance in the directions indicated by these angles.
a simulation where an object moves around an environment, seemingly at random
a cumulative sum of a random variable-the noise is additive
a series where each value is dependent on the previous, plus some noise
an elementary representation of a diffusion process, adequate for the purpose at hand
a path composed of many independent random steps
a sequence of steps with the next step being completely independent of the previous
is a process {Xt} if Xt = Xt-1 + Zt where is {Zt}are mutually independent identically distributed random variables [pg 32, 5
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