Definitions for "RSI"
Relative Strength Index. A technical analysis indicator which measures the magnitude...
Relative Strength Index. Percentage by which a stock price rises or falls compared to a benchmark in an n-period time frame. Computed by taking a ratio of the unit value of a stock to that of a benchmark, then converting the result into a percentage. When selected as a stock screening criterion, the Stock Screener will only select stocks that have outperformed the market benchmark.
Relative Strength Index. An indicator used to identify price tops and bottoms.
Repetitive Stress Injury. A common term used to describe injury caused by repetitive motions of the fingers, wrists, hands, arms, and/or shoulders. Many RSIs have more specific names, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or tendonitis.
repetitive stress injury. Wrist strain resulting from too much time spent keying in data; RSI can also affect the arms, shoulders, or neck.
Repetitive strain injuries
Paramarsi, Rsita, Maharisis, Rsikas, Rsiputrakss, Srutarsis and Rsijati
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Ré cupè re Sol Inc
Registrations Systems Inc.
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a seer.
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Roadside Interviews
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RADARSAT International
Residential Sector Initiative
Residential Services Indicator. One of the assessment tools which was authorized to be used as a functional assessment in the OBRA Waiver.
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Return on Capital Employed ROCE
Rationalization, Standardization, and Interoperability
Remote Site Incubator.
See Remote Statistics Interface.
Required Supplementary Information
A unit of measurement of resistance to heat flow in m2 ° C/W per 25 mm. R = 0.176 RSI
A unit of measurement of resistance to heat flow in m2 ° C/W per 25 mm. (link to R-value table).
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removal site investigation
Research Systems Incorporated