Definitions for "dyskinesia"
an abnormality in performing voluntary muscle movements.
Abnormal muscle movements. May appear as a side effect of long-term drug treatment in Parkinson's and may worsen in response to stress. (See also Levodopa Induced Dyskinesia)
Distortion or impairment of voluntary movement. This term is much more appropriate than " Vertebral Subluxation" or " Vertebral Subluxation Complex". NOTE: The reason for the change in terminology is to take the focus off of a supposed cause. FACT: The vertebrae do not rest upon each other directly, instead there is a soft cushion of tissue called the intervertebral disc that acts as a shock absorber and allows for a discrepancy in the alignment of the spine. Our philosophy emphasizes the proper force necessary to correct the true subluxations first, then, and only then to encourage a broader range of movement in the spinal column in order to facilitate rehabilitation. See Contract.
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Neuroleptic Timolol
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Dysmetria Dyspepsia
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see tardive dyskinesia (4.48 Psychosis).
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Microbiology Topical
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Molecular Motility Testis
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dis (improper), kinesia (motion).