Definitions for "Ataxia"
Disorder; irregularity.
Irregularity in disease, or in the functions.
Loss of coordination in the voluntary muscles, especially the limbs; an inability to coordinate voluntary muscle movements; it results in unsteady movements and a staggering gait. See also locomotor ataxia, an ataxia which occurs when attempting to perform coordinated muscular movements.
Fluorescence Paralysis
Forskolin Paralysis
Prenatal Lipid Progressive
Hernia Prenatal Homologous Prevalence
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Leukopenia Pyoderma
Keywords:  hypertonia, psychogenic
Hypertonia Psychogenic
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Ataxia is a band comprised of John Frusciante (also of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) on guitar, Joe Lally (Fugazi) on bass, and Josh Klinghoffer (Bicycle Thief) on drums. They released the album Automatic Writing in 2004, which featured all three band members contributing vocals - John sings "Dust", "The Sides", and "Addition", Josh sings "Another", and Joe sings "Montreal." The songs all feature a ground-bass line with the guitar overlaying different motives and long developments.
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Hematoma Preclinical
Hyperbilirubinemia Prolapse
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Hiccup Prejudice
Keywords:  taxia, orderly
a (not), taxia (orderly).
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Infiltration Rhinovirus
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Homeostasis Polypeptide
Keywords:  habitual, psychiatric
Habitual Psychiatric
Hypertension Receptor Hypoplasia Riboflavin
Keywords:  fluoxetine, poisoning
Fluoxetine Poisoning
Keywords:  hyperbaric, potassium
Hyperbaric Potassium
Keywords:  intraocular, posterior
Intraocular Posterior
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Humoral Quinidine
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Genotype Psychology
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Induction Refractory
Hormones Prednisone
Hormonal Proteins
The state of disorder that characterizes nervous fevers and the nervous condition.