Definitions for "Tic"
A local and habitual convulsive motion of certain muscles; especially, such a motion of some of the muscles of the face; twitching; velication; -- called also spasmodic tic.
(Synonym: habit spasm). Habitual movements which may range from sniffing to throat clearing to grimacing, etc. which are incessantly repeated in situations in which they are not called for (or even appropriate). The affected individual may or may not be aware of them -- and may or may not be able to consciously control them.
An involuntary, sudden, rapid, recurrent, nonrhythmic, stereotyped motor movement or vocalization.
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TARGET blank Turku Immunology Centre
Technical Information Centre
Time li a href http www utu fi research tic Turku Immunology Centre
total ion count
is Total Invested Capital.
1. Tentatively Identified Compound from Mass Spec. Library Search, Syn. – Non-Target Compounds 2. Total Ion Chromatogram
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Test Interface Controller
Token-Ring Interface Coupler. An IBM device that allows a controller or processor to attach directly to a token ring network. This is an optional part of several IBM terminal cluster controllers and front-end processors.
Token ring interface card or token ring interface coupler. An IBM adapter card that allows a controller to attach directly to a token ring LAN.
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roops ontact
Tecnolog& as de Informaci& n y Comunicaciones
(k). Quasiparticle of intensive multiplicity. Tics (or ticks) are intrinsically several components of autonomously numbering anorganic populations, propagating by contagion between segmentary divisions in the order of nature. Ticks - as nonqualitative differentially-decomposable counting marks - each designate a multitude comprehended as a singular variation in tic(k)-density.
Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal Ignition Control (Chrysler)
Thermal Image Camera
A registration point representing a location on the earth's surface for which real-world coordinates are known.
Registration or geographic control points for a coverage representing known locations on the Earth's surface. Tics allow all coverage features to be recorded in a common coordinate system (e.g., Universal Transverse Mercator [UTM] meters or State Plane feet). Tics are used to register map sheets when they are mounted on a digitizer and to transform the coordinates of a coverage (e.g., from digitizer units [inches] to UTM meters).
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The Irvine Company
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The Interdiction Committee.
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Titanium carbide
Travel Information Centers that are owned and operated by the Texas Department of Transportation.
Texas Insurance Code. The book of statutes or regulatory code that governs insurance operations in the State of Texas. The TIC is published every other year, on the odd year to reflect statute changes by the Texas Legislature.
TAF and initiator-dependent cofactor
Telephone Initial Claims
a fractional interest in real estate with ownership evidenced by a recorded deed of trust
Tenancy In Common. A fractional ownership interest in a piece of property, rather than owning the entire piece of property.
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Tongue In Cheek
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Troops in contact
means the minimum tradable increment of the contract, as defined on the Website, for each contract.
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The Trailer Inventory Control System. Maintains the standing inventory of trailers, containers and flat cars at a ramp location. The inventory is maintained by equipment size, status, ownership and road account.
A unit of time equal to approximately 838 nanoseconds.
Technology Innovation Center
Technical Information Center (NASA)
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Particle found in TiCAl alloys, plays a key role in grain refining.
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(n.) track index cache.
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Alternate name for the tit.
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True Interest Cost
Technologies of Information and Communication.
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See TI above.