Definitions for "Technologies"
a company formed by the partnership of IPAC in Silicon Valley and Twin Advance in Malaysia
a data management and software solution service provider working for customers from different sectors in global market
a division of Eldan Software Systems Ltd
a certified Microsoft Developer and a Premier Intuit QuickBooks developer
a certified Microsoft Partner and a Premier Intuit QuickBooks developer
a premier design house located in Silicon Valley
a Canadian Manufacturer of Solar Simulators, Solar Cell Testers and Sorters and Solar Array Simulators, servicing the global solar photovoltaic industry
a full service Consulting Business with the ability and flexibility to support your corporate network or your personal computer
a HP Enterprise reseller located in the Northeast
a company highly specialized in the monitoring of industrial air pollution
a company, whose path resembles the history of the whole hardware industry within the recent decades
a decent run, German company
a leader in enabling wholesale change to protect consumers
a leader in providing credit card-activated business services for professionals and consumers needing to communicate or conduct business outside the home or workplace
a leader in the networking of distributed assets, wireless non-cash and m-commerce transactions, associated financial/network services and interactive media technology and energy management, and intelligent vending
equipment that helps to create, present, explain, document, analyse, view, interpret, or learn about dramatic work (e.g., puppets, masks, lighting, props, sounds, costumes, recording equipment)
Complex machines used in the study and creation of art, such as lathes, presses, computer, lasers, and video equipment.
a highly successful company that produces electronic testing equipment for in-circuit testing of printed circuit boards and for interfacing test fixtures to automatic test equipment (ATE)
consist of widespread patterns of material and conceptual practices that embody and deploy particular strategic values and meanings (Hershock 1999). Technologies are complex systems promoting and institutionalising relational patterns aimed at realizing particular ends. Technologies cannot be value neutral, and do not occur in isolation from one another but in families or lineages (Shrader-Frechette and Westra 1997; Hershock 1999). (Source: Mapping Power, 2004 Fox et al.)
a business partner of Rebuild America
an established business with an excellent portfolio of products and existing revenue streams
an IBM Business Partner and an inaugural member of the Sprint Enabling Application Service Provider Program for e-commerce
a mission-critical supplier of IT products for the government, corporate, educational and medical markets
an important product for the HyperTransport-enabled market," said Gabriele Sartori, President of the HyperTransport Technology Consortium
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an innovative manufacturer of affordable voice, fax and VoIP cards
an innovative manufacturer of building blocks that connect applications to both TDM- and IP-based networks to provide advanced voice services
The individual engineering designs that empires possess; for example, hunter-killer technology and outpost technology. Each technology must be discovered individually before it can be used. Each empire must be at a prerequisite tech level before it even has a chance of discovering a certain technology. For example, an empire must be at least bio-tech level before it can master hunter-killer technology (see: Technology).
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a full system intermec barcode
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a contributor
a corporation and we have developed information practices designed to assure that Customer Information accessed in connection with our services are appropriately protected
"Technologies" does not simply refer to computers or information and communication technologies. Technologies are the diverse range of products that make up the designed world. These products extend beyond artefacts designed and developed by people and include processes, systems, services and environments.
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a equal opportunity employer
an Equal Opportunity Employer
an information technology firm based in Pittsburgh
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a web based system that sends email to students when their laundry is done and allows them to log on to an internet site to check the status of laundry machines
a physics tool and hardware developer based in California, U
a tool which may help to make information in charts accessible to blind people
a technology company that has developed and is currently marketing one of the most advanced, web-based information management applications for use in the home, in the office and while traveling
The application of science and technical advances in information processing
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a topic of research by several of these projects