Definitions for "Charts"
Graphical representations of price, volume and/or other data over a period of time. Commonly used in technical analysis are Bar Charts, Line Charts, Point and Figure Charts, Candlestick Charts and Market Profile.
A display or picture of a security that plots price and/or volume (the number of shares sold). The chart is the foundation of technical analysis, and over the years, many different types of charts have been developed.
Chartist A completely different approach from fundamentals to studying share prices, which analyses the price action to predict future price trends. For example, chart followers would expect a share price to keep climbing after it breaks through a 'resistance' level, a price where the shares have turned back repeatedly in the past.
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a powerful feature included in the myDBA software application system that adds to the richness and depth of insight that users gain from this product
Special maps containing information of use for mariners. Charts show water depth, significant land objects, navigation aids, hazards to navigation.
Paper or electronic navigation maps.
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a bit rounder
(Coffee Market) A system of forecasting trading futures, based on mathematics, using averages, sell/buy points indicating whether a market is oversold or overbought and various other statistical data.
a convenient guide to Lake Champlain and provide sufficient information to aid in planning courses or locating your position
The charts show the maximum number of any one species visiting the garden at any one time in a particular week. This method of counting is used in the Garden Birdwatch survey.
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The accounts kept by bowlers to remind them of which shot to play on a given lane or with specific oil conditions.