Definitions for "Breadth"
The fraction of the overall market that is participating in the market's up or down move. see also advance/decline line.
Relates to the number of issues participating in a market move. The move can be either up or down. As a rally develops, and the number of advancing issues is declining, the rally is suspect. As a decline develops, and the number of declining issues falls, the decline becomes suspect.
A measurement calculated by comparing the number of advancing stocks to the number declining. The more net advances seen in an up market, the greater its breadth; vice versa for down markets.
The comprehensiveness of the content and skills embodied in the standards, curriculum, or assessments. Assessing Special Education Students SCASS, Council of Chief State School Officers. (2003).
A requirement in most programs, that students complete at least six credits in each of the areas of humanities, sciences and social sciences.
the number of navigation options available at each stage. A home page that provides links to 20 subsections has more breadth than one that says 'Click here to select a department'.
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Distance from side to side of any surface or thing; measure across, or at right angles to the length; width.
the extent of something from side to side
The greatest width of a vessel measured to the outside of the shell plating.
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break break-even point
Breadth of the market Break even analysis
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a British measurement for flags, is 9" (23 cm) wide. A four breath-flag is 36" (91 cm) wide. The term originated when flag cloth was made in 9" strips.
an ability to understand a broad range of topics; "a teacher must have a breadth of knowledge of the subject"