Definitions for "Delta "
The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet (D d), corresponding to D.
an object having the shape of the capital D.
A tract of land shaped like the letter delta (D), especially when the land is alluvial and inclosed between two or more mouths of a river; as, the delta of the Ganges, of the Nile, or of the Mississippi.
The change in price of a call option for every one-point move in the price of...
Measures the rate of change in an option's theoretical value for a one-unit change in the underlying. Calls have positive Deltas and puts have negative Deltas. In OptionVue 5, Delta for non-futures based options is the dollar amount of gain/loss you should experience if the underlying goes up one point. For futures-based options, Delta represents an equivalent number of futures contracts times 100.
Also called the hedge ratio, the ratio of the change in price of a call option to the change in price of the underlying stock.
the lowercase delta symbol, , is used for ‰ (per mil) deviation from a standard; whereas uppercase delta, , is used as the measurement of the difference between a product and a reactant.
D d Fourth Letter of the Greek Alphabet. The font "Symbol" most often used on American Computers to Type Cyrillic Letters places it in ASCII 67- the space for capital "C" .It looks just like an "A" with the crossbar dropped to the baseline.
the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet
Advanced qualification for misguided sad gits who want to make a "career" out of teaching English.
Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults. Advanced teaching qualification validated by Cambridge University.
DELTA, the Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults, is a professional qualification in English language teaching awarded by Cambridge Assessment, formerly UCLES, a part of the University of Cambridge. The Diploma (or Dip) is often seen as a follow-up to the certificate known as the CELTA, once the individual has done a couple of years of teaching and has decided on a more long-term and serious commitment to the teaching of English. The Dip does not cover related non-teaching responsibilities (admininstration, training of teachers, and so on), but those who undertake these tasks often hold this qualification, or its equivalent.
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Two-wheels in the rear trike design.
Trike with two wheels in rear
Name of a class of Russian boomers.
The former name for Visa Debit
Delta is a Russian clone of ZX Spectrum+ manufactured in 1991 at a former military plant, near the city of Zelenograd. Fully compatible with the Spectrum+, the Delta came equipped with 48 kB of RAM, video output, cassette in/out, two joysticks ports (both Kempston and Sinclair), RGB adjustment controls, and its own expansion port for Russian hardware.
Parapsychological term for any anomalous experience.
A term used to refer to any kind of anomalous experience.
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The closed figure produced by connecting three coils or circuits successively, end for end, esp. in a three-phase system; -- often used attributively, as delta winding, delta connection (which see), etc.
A standard three-phase connection in which each phase winding is connected in series to form a closed loop.
A 3-phase alternator wiring configuration in which all phases are connected in Series.
Equal to the “delta” between the indices of refraction of the core and the cladding divided by the index of the core.
Greatest relative difference in refractive index of core and cladding.
Delta was a short-lived U.S television sitcom series produced by ABC starring Delta Burke. Burke plays a woman who leaves her life behind to pursue her dream as a country music singer. Burke, most popular for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker in the popular CBS sitcom Designing Women, reportedly utilized her own singing talents for the role of Bishop, and dyed her familiar brunette hair blonde to play the role.
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The state of mind we enter during deep sleep, total unconsciousness.
Is the deep sleep or coma state (0.5-3.0HZ).
A brain frequency between 0 and 4 c/s. It is the brain frequency associated with being unconscious, and while sleeping in what is called Stage 4, or slow wave sleep.
Delta is a horizontally-scrolling shooter computer game origianlly released for the Commodore 64 by Thalamus Ltd in 1987. It was programmed by Stavros Fasoulas and the music was written by Rob Hubbard. The game was also released for the ZX Spectrum in 1990 as Delta Charge.
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adverb - One of the two directions pointing out of realmspace into tetraspace; movement in the negative w direction. In tetraspace, represented by the vector 0,0,0,-1. This term refers to the direction analogous to down; the 'd' in 'delta' corresponds to the 'd' in 'down'. In some literature, this direction is referred to as ana. This term is the same direction as zant, but is used in a different context: delta is movement from realmspace to tetraspace, but zant is a turning direction.The opposite direction is upsilon. See the chart under direction.
Direct Electronic Links for Tender Administration
Fertile area between Cairo and the Mediterranaen, usually called Lower Egypt.
Fertile flat land in western Mississippi that was the heart of the slavery and cotton eras.
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transmembrane - EGF family - Notch ligand - important in establishing neural cell fates
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Delta is Delta Goodrem's first DVD. It reached number one on the Australian ARIA DVD charts and has been certified 12x Platinum. The DVD broke Australian records, selling in excess of half a million copies.
Delta assists users in minimizing "interesting" files, subject to a test of their "interestingness". A common such situation is when attempting to isolate a small failure-inducing substring of a large input that causes a program to exhibit a bug.
The set of differences between two versions of a file checked into SCCS.
A symbol used to indicate deviation or difference.
a description of the difference between two frames
rich soil area around the Nile which sustained the ancient Egyptian for thousands of years
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Delta is a cross-platform game development kit, extended using plug-in modules. It primarily provides 3d rendering, but also provides classes for sound, input, etc. Currently only X-Windows/OpenGL support is available, the project being at pre-alpha stage
an internationally recognized Honor Society for International Scholars
Delta was a federal electoral district in British Columbia, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1988 to 1997.
The amount by which the average crib will vary from its normal value due to the statistical effect of the four cards retained in your hand
See Delta Value.
The Queensland Government's Direct Entry Level Training Administration database.
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See Dissipation constant (D.C.) or delta, ).
DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) is a data format used in taxonomy, for recording descriptions of living things. It is designed for computer processing, allowing the generation of identification keys, etc.
Development of European Learning through Technological Advance.
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Edit Delete
The line-by-line differences between one file revision and its next (or previous) revision.
a pre-law organization open to all students interested in the study of law after their undergraduate studies
A difference between two temperatures (often flow and return) given a constant flow rate this is proportional to the net heat transfer across the sensor points.
Suffixed (added to) flight #, meaning “delivery
a location where ridges form a "Y" and is indicated by a circle with a "V" peaking at the center of the circle
Delta Margining Delta Neutral Derivative
See Defense Loan and Technical Assistance Program.
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a web-based defect tracking and analysis tool
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Activity Based Model
The difference between two similar structures. You can have a delta between values, documents, or structures. For example, the delta between 3 and 2 is 1 (3-2).