Definitions for "Tango "
A difficult dance in two-four time characterized by graceful posturing, frequent pointing positions, and a great variety of steps, including the cross step and turning steps. The dance is of Spanish origin, and is believed to have been in its original form a part of the fandango.
a musical tune appropriate for this dance.
A duple-meter dance from Argentina that was popular in Paris in the early twentieth century.
Designator for the letter "T" in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Slang for a terrorist. So named after the military's designation for the letter "T" (Tango) in the phonetic alphabet.
Terrorist, taken from the phonetic alphabet pronunciation of the letter T
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Tango aka The Tan Man (born Patrick S. Hunter) is an American rapper that currently resides in Tampa,Fl. Tango has performed and recorded with several well-know artists such as: Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, Fat Joe, Naughty By Nature, Trick Daddy and his good friend and mentor "Shock-G" front man of the group Digital Underground.
Tango is a carbonated soft drink sold primarily in the United Kingdom. It was launched by the Beecham Group in 1958, and was bought by Britvic in 1986.
Tango is a yet another personal time tracking tool for windows. It works by silently taking a screenshot every minute and allows to run and annotate the entire day/week/month as a movie.
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SpecWarrior name for the bad guys.
Tourism and Non-Government Organisation Working Group (COMNAP)
Optimara variety belonging to the Little Dancer series. Compact African Violet (3-inch pot size) with single, bi-color flowers. Flowers are purple and white. Leaves are light green. Introduced 1997. More information.
Tango is a D library that provides a runtime for the D programming language, plus many additional library features for the D programmer.
A scripting application that allows servers to search a database and deliver the requested information to a client.
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Any of various popular forms derived from this.