Definitions for "screenshot"
A picture of the screen displayed which can be saved like any other digital picture.
A screenshot is an image of your current desktop, and is often taken to show the progress of a theme you are designing. Screenshots are best taken in JPEG format so that it is viewable by as many people as possible. There are many programs capable of taking screenshots, or pressing the Print Screen button on the keyboard will copy a screenshot to the clipboard ready to be pasted into a graphics program for saving.
A screenshot is a picture of the screen that captures the appearance of the user interface at the time it is created. It is also called a screendump, screen snapshot or screen capture.
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Advanced freeware screenshoting utility
a graphical environment for displaying an image of what the user
a graphic that contains all or part of the computer's screen contents
a promotional image from a segment of a game or other program and is usually used to demonstrate graphics capability
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a photo, or photo enough
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a digital photograph