Definitions for "snapshot "
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snapshot is a set of Perl scripts for creating, accessing, and managing a repository of directory snapshots. Multiple snapshots of a directory can exist in a repository representing the state of that directory at different times. A snapshot repository can be local or remote, with remote servers accessed using SSH.
A copy service that duplicates the contents of a source Network-Volume at a single point in time to a target Network-Volume.
A single consistent copy of the data currently stored in the SMD.
a brief summary or appraisal, especially one that describes the state of a situation at one particular time; as, a snapshot of the moon project in 1966.
A record of a single time point in a molecular dynamics simulation. Coordinates and velocities for the molecular system are stored in files with the extension .snp. Snapshots can be played back at a later time to view the changes in the configuration of a system, plot data values, and obtain averages of data values.
A view of the data at a particular instant in time.
(1) Extract or summary of data taken from a given system. (2) Extract passed to another system to complete processing.
a binary image of the user's local state which is annotated with the vector clock of the multi-log when the shot was taken plus whatever meta-data the user provides
a Collection that provides exact point-in-time capabilities
a backup of a VM Ware system state
a file system's temporary image that is intended for backup operations
a full backup, whereas the periodic archival of the current log files is an incremental backup
An instantaneous photograph made, usually with a hand camera, without formal posing of, and often without the foreknowledge of, the subject.
an informal photograph; usually made with a small hand-held camera; "my snapshots haven't been developed yet"; "he tried to get unposed shots of his friends"
a small photograph that shows only the most prominent features clearly
A quick offhand shot, made without deliberately taking aim over the sights.
A quick reaction torpedo shot, usually done when fired upon first, or in a situation in which battlestations is not yet manned. Tactic learned from the Russians, who perfected it.
a shot with any ranged weapon that is made very quickly
a collection of performance statistics that are captured at a specific point in time
a method used by ZENworks to capture all file, ini, text, and registry changes made to a workstation during the install of a software package
a specified amount of data captured from the wireless modem card
a high fidelity representation of an access report
A flat, non clickable, non functional, visual representation of a web page that is in the design phase. See also: comp, mockup
a fixed list of files resulting from applying a dataset definition to the SAM database at a particular time
a picture of the current state of activity in the database manager for a particular object or group of objects
a read-only replica of selected portions of a database
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an outline of a speech given by Janelle Saffin
an inventory of all those who are inside a federal institution (in Canada) on any given day, and includes information from Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) records and OIA evaluations
a useful concept for organizational planning and evaluation
a configuration of classical matter-geometry
A snapshot preserves the virtual machine just as it was when you took that snapshot — the state of the data on all the virtual machine's disks and whether the virtual machine was powered on, powered off or suspended. VMware Workstation lets you take snapshots of a virtual machine at any time and revert to that snapshot at any time. You can take a snapshot when a virtual machine is powered on, powered off or suspended. Configurations are available to exclude a disk from snapshots.
same as printscreen. Achieved by hitting the 'PrtSc' button on your computer which can be 'pasted' into another application such as Word (also see printscreen)
Dataformat used in NEMO to represent an N-body system. Most programs that handle snapshot's in NEMO start or end with `` snap''.
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a href ftp ftp
a one-time picture of the recordset
a picture in your mind
a picture of a system in one instant of time
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an object in OS memory that lists all possible information about processes and thread runing
a coherent collection of versions of the various files that make up a program
a development version
a named set of file versions (one for each registered file) that you can treat as a unit
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a great way to get an overview of daily closes, volume and the net change for individual issues
An undesired emergency brake application.
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Bitmap generated from the scene you create.
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See performance snapshot, explain snapshot.
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a new profile and needs a new action import step
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Transaction Validation Rule
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Act of taking a snapshot (in sense 2).
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a stored, derived relation