Definitions for "OAI"
The OAI develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content. Its major contribution is the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, a set of guidelines that enable repositories to expose the metadata describing their content to service providers who harvest the metadata into large aggregations (see OAIster, below). Intended to expose the work deposited in repositories to the widest possible audience and ensure the interoperability of repositories.
An organization dedicated to developing interoperability standards to facilitate the dissemination of content.
Obstructive apnoea index per hour of sleep
Optical Aberration Index. shows us what percentage of the total WavePrint errors are High Order Aberrations (HOAs) that aren't just spherical and cylindrical and therefore may give a better indication of which patients would be good candidates for having today's Conventional LASIK (which treats only lower order aberrations).
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Open applications integration. An OAG term for the process of integrating the software that automates the direct business functions occurring in an enterprise.
An abbreviation for the organization Open Archive Initiative.
Open Applications Interface. One or many openings in a telephone system; OAIs let you link a computer to the telephone system. The computer then controls calls to the phone system (answer, delay, switch, hold, etc.).
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Official Action Indicated