Definitions for "Workload"
(Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Tuning with the Oracle Tuning Pack; search in this book)
a Profiler trace or a Transact-SQL script
a sequence of disk requests
a description of how often a system performs its given tasks, in what ratio, for how long, and what part of the system is being acted on
an assignment of a duration to each task in the task graph
In Performance Tools, a stream of transactions generated by specific jobs or tasks. Key attributes of a workload include the number of local and remote jobs generating transactions, the number of interactive and noninteractive transactions per job, and the system resources required for each transaction.
Similar to call load, however can also include non-call activities.
Often used interchangeably with Call Load. Work load can also refer to non-call activities.
For agents, the combination of total conversation (talk) time and after-call work time. For trunks, the combination of ring time, delay time, and conversation time.
The total number of applications running on a system and the users utilizing a system at any one time under normal conditions.
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The output of a radiation machine or a radioactive source integrated over a suitable time and expressed in appropriate units.
a set of processes running on a set of machines
PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Represent the statistical inputs, outputs, effectiveness, efficiency or outcomes of County operating programs. Generally, workload and/or performance measures are included with each program description in the County Manager's Proposed Budget.
work that a person is expected to do in a specified time
an amount of work that a person is expected to do
an aggregation of all the processes of an application or group of applications
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workload is the amount of work units assigned to a resource over a period of time.
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The amount of work which needs to take place to complete the project.