Definitions for "SQL Server"
A database system from Microsoft. Mostly used on high traffic web sites running on the Windows platform.
SQL is a high-end database system capable of hundreds of thousands of transactions per day. If coded to handle site traffic properly, databases can make your site both interactive and information-intensive. IWD recommends that you use Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) servers if you have a database-intensive or e-commerce-enabled Web site, or any site that cannot tolerate downtime. Access to these servers are included in our TrueAdvantage plans and higher. Web sites that use Access/FoxPro/Jet Databases do not scale well under heavy traffic conditions, potentially resulting in a server crash if combined with insufficient programming statements. IWD provides an online tutorial on how to convert your Access/FoxPro/Jet application to SQL Server. Although thousands of customers currently use Access/FoxPro/Jet Web sites at IWD without any performance issues, we provide MSSQL as a solution for those customers who desire an alternative or whose site traffic necessitates taking their site to the next level of performance
A server typically running on a personal computer that uses the structured query language to query, update, and manage a relational database.
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