Definitions for "mDB"
multilateral development bank. an internationally supported bank that provides loans to developing countries to help them grow
Multilateral Development Bank. See international financial institutions.
Multilateral development bank. This term refers to lending organizations that are not owned by any one country, but by a number of countries. Members include both countries that borrow money from the bank, and donor countries who define lending policies and provide capital. The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank are two examples. Source: CIDA, World Bank and ADB
Microsoft Access Databases
icrosoft ata ase file is a binary file containing a database for use with Microsoft Access. It is not portable and in fact it requires specialty tools to extract the data.
Database files produced by Microsoft Access. These files can contain multiple datasets called tables.
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miniature dwarf bearded iris, usually from 2-8 inches tall.
(Miniature Dwarf Bearded) has stalks less than 10" tall. Bloom very, very early in the season.
mDB is a extensible web-application written in PHP for managing your digital music and offering the files and related information to clients.
mdb organizes your ogg and mp3 audio files. mdb copies playlists of 1000's of tracks almost instantly. This allows a simple intuitive approach to constructing complex playlists. mdb uses external audio players.
master directory block. The part of a volume that contains information about the volume, such as the volume name and allocation block size.
See: master directory block (MDB)
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Mobile Deformable Barrier
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Maximum Daily Benefit. The pre-set amount that a long-term care insurance policy will pay up to for each day during a claim period. The maximum daily benefit is specified in the original long-term care insurance policy, but may increase on an annual basis if the policyholder also purchased a benefit increase rider.
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Abbreviation of Multi-Drop-Bus