Definitions for "Block"
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1. Rectangular area. 2. Substantial number of real estate properties being sold together. 3. Substantial amount of stock. 4. Building unit made of concrete with a nominal size of 8"x 8"x 16" and an actual size of 7 5/8" x 7 5/8" x 15 5/8 leaving the 3/8" to allow for a mortar joint. 5. Housing that has one or more pulleys. 6. Piece of wood used as a spacer. 7. Part of a subdivision or city divided by streets.
an assembly of pulleys on a common framework; in mechanics, one or more pulleys, or sheaves, mounted to rotate on a common axis. The crown block is an assembly of sheaves mounted on beams at the top of the derrick. The drilling line is reeved over the sheaves of the crown block alternately which the sheaves of the traveling block, which is raised and lowered in the derrick by the drilling line. When elevators are attached to a hook on the traveling block and drill pipe latched in the elevators, the pipe can be raised or lowered. See crown block and traveling block.
Assembly containing a sheave(s), axle and housing. Includes floor block, head block, loft block and others. See block and fall.
a number of individual items sold as a unit; as, a block of airline ticketes; a block of hotel rooms; a block of stock.
a quantity of binary-encoded information transferred, or stored, as a unit to, from, or on a data storage device; as, to divide a disk into 512-byte blocks.
a number of locations in a random-access memory allocated to storage of specific data; as, to allocate a block of 1024 bytes for the stack.
A square, or portion of a city inclosed by streets, whether occupied by buildings or not.
A section of a railroad where the block system is used. See Block system, below.
A unit of spatial aggregation used by the U. S. Bureau of the Census in reporting decennial census data, corresponding roughly to its colloquial meaning.
The position of a player or bat when guarding the wicket.
When a defensive player prevents an incoming puck from entering his/her goal by intercepting the puck with the mallet.
A shot that flies straight but to the right of the target (for a right handed player).
The wooden mold on which hats, bonnets, etc., are shaped.
The pattern or shape of a hat.
To shape on, or stamp with, a block; as, to block a hat.
Any obstruction, or cause of obstruction; a stop; a hindrance; an obstacle; -- also called blockage; as, a block in the way; a block in an artery; a block in a nerve; a block in a biochemical pathway.
To obstruct so as to prevent passage or progress; to prevent passage from, through, or into, by obstructing the way; -- used both of persons and things; -- often followed by up; as, to block up a road or harbor; to block an entrance.
to cause (any activity) to halt by creating an obstruction; as, to block a nerve impulse; to block a biochemical reaction with a drug.
Rectangular area of picture, usually 8 x 8 pixels in size, which are individually subjected to DCT coding as part of a digital picture compression process. Artifact of compression generally showing momentarily as misplaced rectangular areas of picture with distinct boundaries. This is one of the major defects of digital compression, its visibility generally depending on the amount of compression used, the quality of the original signal, and the quality of the coder. The visible blocks may be 8 x 8 DCT blocks or "misplaced blocks"--16 x 16 pixel macroblocks, due to the failure of motion prediction/estimation in encoder or other motion vector system, such as a standards converter. See also: DCT, JPEG, Macroblock, MPEG-2.
In video encoding, an 8x8 matrix of pixels or DCT values representing a small chunk of luma or chroma. In DVD MPEG-2 video, a macroblock is made up of 6 blocks: 4 luma and 2 chroma.
The block is a matrix of 8x8 elements. They can be 8x8 adjacent luminance or chrominance samples, or the corresponding DCT coefficients. At the block layer is performed the Discrete Cosine Transform. Video decoding process at the block layer Variable length decoding. The bitstream codewords of the block are decoded to form a vector of quantised DCT coefficient. Inverse scan. The vector elements are put into a two-dimensional array, which is the block, following one of two possible patterns. The pattern is defined by the flag alternate_scan which is set at the picture layer. The scanning purpose is to optimize the entropy coding. Inverse quantisation. DCT coefficients are converted to their original range of values. See also dct quantisation. Inverse DCT. Eventually the IDCT is performed. Now the block elements represent either the image sample (Intra block) or the prediction-error (Non-Intra block).
A solid pyroclastic fragment greater than 64 mm (2.5 in) and up to several meters in diameter, that was ejected from a volcano during an explosive eruption.
a solid rock fragment greater than three inches in diameter that is ejected from a volcano during eruption
(v.) To suspend one's own operation, or the operation of another process. A process may block itself, or be blocked by the system, until some event occurs. If all processes are simultaneously blocked, and no external event can cause any of them to become unblocked, then deadlock has occurred. The term block is also often used to refer to a chunk of data or program. See also basic block.
Any section of C code enclosed by braces, { and }. A block is syntactically equivalent to a single instruction, but creates a new variable scope.
A region of source code sandwiched between open brace ({) and close brace (}) characters.
In the Java language, any code between matching braces ({ and }).
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The perch on which a bird of prey is kept.
A wooden or concrete perch with a padded top; it tapers from the top to the bottom, and at the bottom end is a spike which ca be driven into the ground.
The type of perch that a trained Falcon prefers.
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a halt in a mental process, especially one due to stress, memory lapse, confusion, etc.; as, a writer's block; to have a block in remembering a name.
A section of track that is separated from the rest of the track by brakes, chain lifts, or other devices capable of halting the train.
A section of a form containing related pieces of information -- usually a single database table. Blocks are usually separated by a solid line.
To disrupt a chase by slowing down the pace line. It can be the action of one or more riders. Blocking is often done to protect a teammate who's in the lead.
1. to slow down or to interrupt the progress of another one cyclist, to interrupt the persecution of an escape. 2. a cassette or freewheel of the multi-speed.
Short for freewheel block; cluster."Brake block" is another term for a brake shoe or pad for rim brakes. A "block generator" is a combined generator/headlamp unit, designed to mount on the front fork. It has the advantage of not needing any wiring. Block generators are no longer generally available due to liability concerns. Since they mount to the fork blade, there exists a possibility that, if not properly secured, they could slip down and fall into the spokes, locking the front wheel and causing a crash. Block chain
An engine's cylinder block.
Basic structural member of an engine; incorporates cylinders and water jackets for cooling them; also provides the base for mounting the crankshaft, cylinder head(s), manifolds and other related engine components.
1) The main part of an engine which houses the cylinders, crankshaft, etc., 2) verb – to prevent another racer from initiating a pass by moving in the same direction. Not allowed on a repeated basis and could be cause for a black flag.
Rectangular, curved sections of neoprene or other approved material used to position the glass in the glazing channel.
A rectangular group of cells that is treated as a unit for a given operation.
A small piece of neoprene or other suitable material used to position glass in the frame.
A return shot on which the paddle is simply held in front of the ball, with little or no movement.
A curved wooden paddle used to shape the dome of a paperweight.
The forming tool used for the shaping of the molten glass. The “Block” is usually made of cherry wood and is “wet” while used with the hot glass.
in radio and television, two or more consecutive hours or broadcast time periods.
A length of track with defined limits on which train movements are governed by block signals, cab signals, or Form D's.
A time segment of consecutive hours in a broadcast schedule. Program schedule consists of “like” programs within the block (such as outdoor, children's, extreme, coaches shows).
A piece of wood more or less bulky; a solid mass of wood, stone, etc., usually with one or more plane, or approximately plane, faces; as, a block on which a butcher chops his meat; a block by which to mount a horse; children's playing blocks, etc.
The solid piece of wood on which condemned persons lay their necks when they are beheaded.
A piece of box or other wood for engravers' work.
A designation given to a group of lots within a subdivision survey.
An areal subdivision of the UKCS of 10 minutes of latitude by 12 minutes of longitude measuring approximately 10 x 20 kms, forming part of a quadrant. Each quadrant is divided into a grid five Blocks wide and six deep, and numbered 1 to 30 from NW to SE e.g. Block 9/13 is the 13th block in Quadrant 9.
The subdivision of exploration and production acreage.
A frozen block of groundfish fillets.
Frozen fish blocks are rectangular or other uniformly-shaped masses of cohering fish fillets or a mixture of fillets and minced fish flesh, or entirely minced fish flesh. These blocks usually range in weight from 13 to 16 lbs. and are intended for further processing into fish sticks and portions. Larger blocks may be available that contain whole dressed fish for subsequent thawing, processing or resale.
A gymnastic term referring to the increase in height created by using one&rsquos hand(s) and upper body power to push off the performing surface during a tumbling skill. The momentary airborne position created by blocking is legal for all levels.
The term block in gymnastics is usually used to describe a rapid bounce, repulsion or rebounding off the floor or vault with the arms. The block comes from the shoulders exploding towards full extension and usually is used in reference to handsprings on floor and all vaults off the vault horse..
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An action by an ISP to not forward your email messages to the recipient. This is a distinct activity from a Bounce.
An action by an Internet Service Provider to prevent email messages from being forwarded to the end recipient.
A refusal by an ISP or mail server not to forward your email message to the recipient. Many ISPs block email from IP addresses or domains that have been reported to send spam or viruses or have content that violates email policy or spam filters.
the “blocks” of a newscast are like the sections of a newspaper. “A” Block or Block 1 would contain the top news stories; “B” Block could be weather, and so on. Blocks are usually framed by commercials.
Any segment of a newscast. Includes everything between the commercials. As in, "Your story is in the 3rd block at 6."
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A "block" or "blocked game" is a game in which no player is able to make a move, either to place a domino on the table or to draw a domino from the boneyard. This typically signals the end of a game. Also called a "jam".
Refers to the action of taking advantage of the game physics to block another player by getting in his way.
1. In a matching or scoring game, the process of playing a domino which cannot be followed in suit by your opponent. 2. Domino pieces are sometimes called blocks. 3. Another name for The Block Game.
(or Blocked lane condition) – A lane condition or finish that is designed to steer the ball into the pocket.
A term to describe certain types of lane conditions. Also used in tournaments to describe a specific squad or time to bowl.
Oil buildup in the center of the lane that can guide the ball into the pocket.
Part of the start trajectory in which the sled is rocked forward.
The portion of the start when an athlete puts the sled into a forward rock; followed by compression.
Assigned airspace for flight operations. (see ALTREV)
Denotes a build run or modification run of a particular aircraft that may have slight differences in avionics or weapons, e.g. F-16C Block 50. Also used to describe an altitude range, e.g. "established in the Block FL230 to 250", meaning the airspace between altitude 23,000 and 25,000ft.
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A small box containing information or content placed in the left-hand or right-hand sidebar of a web page.
Content that can be displayed in the left and/or right sidebar. Blocks are automatically generated by some modules, and can also be created and customized directly.
A large amount of securities being held or traded, typically at least 10,000 shares of stock or $200,000 in bonds.
A block is a large quantity of stock that is held or traded, usually 10,000 shares or more. With $1 million in your Marketocracy fund you will most likely, at some point, buy blocks of securities.
A large amount of a specific stock, generally 10,000 or more shares.
Groups of points considered together for rate-making purposes in connection with the express business.
A group or tranche of shares, sold simultaneously.
Groups of bits are called blocks.
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n. A string of data elements recorded or transmitted as a unit. The elements may be characters, words, or physical records.
The softwood (cedar) plug at the top end of the recorder.
A string of records, words, or characters formatted for technical or logical reasons and to be treated as an entity.
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It is the application of a high negative bias to the grid of a vacuum tube used for reducing the plate current to zero.
Cell in a Grid which is not part of any Lights. It is usually colored black or gray. In Italian Style Grids, the black color is inset by small margin.
A Crown Green jack has a bias which, for 'Standard Jacks', is now carefully controlled, and measured on a standard testing table.
Blocks in meteorology are large scale patterns in the atmospheric pressure field that are nearly stationary, effectively "blocking" or redirecting migratory cyclones. They are also known as blocking highs or blocking anticyclones.Glossary of Meteorology, Second Edition; American Meteorlogical Society, 2000; ISBN 1-878220-34-9. These blocks can remain in place for several days or even weeks, causing the areas affected by them to have the same kind of weather for an extended period of time (e.g.- precipitation for some areas, clear skies for others). Brief page about Omega blocks In the Northern Hemisphere, extended blocking occurs most frequently in the spring over the eastern Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
Component used in four-way pallets and attached to deck assembly and baseboards.
Rectangular, square or cylindrical deck spacer, often identified by its location within the pallet as corner block, end block, edge block, inner block, center or middle blocks
An 8-row by 8-colume orthogonal array of pixels. Block size may vary by compression scheme.
1) A durable styling head, usually stuffed with cork or sawdust and covered with canvas, which is placed on a styling clamp and used in the process of styling a wig or hairpiece. The piece is pinned to the block with T-pins. 2) The process of shaping a cotton cap wig to the size and shape of a person's head. Human hair wigs with cotton caps will shrink to fit, and require stretching and pinning on the proper size block after washing to ensure a proper fit.
The most common style of cheese produced for wholesale distribution. Descriptive of the size and shape of cheese before it is cut for distribution and sale. It is recognized as one of the major styles of natural cheese and is aged in 20, 40, 60 or 640 pound blocks.
In Australia, one of the large lots into which public land, when opened to settlers, is divided by the government surveyors.
While it can be a podium or raised platform, this is any point from which the auctioneer cries the bids. Lots come to “the block” to be offered for sale.
An amount of bonds, usually substantially larger that what would be considered a normal round lot of a given issue.
A piece of hardware consisting of a shive inside a frame which a line is run through. A line through a block forms a tackle
Rigging Block and Tackle Rigging
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A blockhead; a stupid fellow; a dolt.
Français : SERVICE VOITURE Deutsch : FAHRZEUGUMLAUF The work of a vehicle from the time it leaves a PARKING POINT after parking until its next return to park at a PARKING POINT. Any subsequent departure from a PARKING POINT after parking marks the start of a new BLOCK.
This term hasn't been defined yet
One or more services (appliances) which create a single usable application. Phoenix can co-host several blocks. Merlin defines a root block with an internal hierarchal structure (sub-blocks).
A large amount of securities, typically defined as a minimum of 10,000 shares or $200,000.
a named lexical exit point, established explicitly by block or implicitly by operators such as loop, do and prog, to which control and values may be transfered by using a return-from form with the name of the block.
Illustrations or line art etched onto zinc or copper plates and used in letterpress printing.
A device, of wood or dragon bone, for changing the direction of a line for hauling. (See illustration.)
Forest Stewardship] An area of land or timber that has been defined for management purposes. One block may be composed of stands of different species or ages. BMP ("Best Management Practice")[ Forestry Operations & Water Quality] See " Best Management Practice".
A major division of a forest, delineated for management purposes and bounded by natural features such as ridges and streams. Usually comprises a number of compartments. See Forest Management Block. Forest Management
a term used to identify molded EPS products, usually modified with a flame retardant additive, destined for end-use in the construction or foam fabrication markets.
Usually, an irregularly shaped piece of plaster or rubber crafted to fill an undercut on the mold left after the last coat of rubber has been applied and has cured. Blocks lie between the rubber portion of the mold and the plaster jacket.
A block depicted on the Outer Continental Shelf Leasing and Official Protraction Diagrams issued by the U.S. Minerals Management Service or a similar depiction on official protraction or similar diagrams issued by a state bordering on the Gulf of Mexico.
A device made of lead, cerrobend or other heavy metal that is interposed between the radiation beam and a portion of the patient's body that requires protection from the radiation beam. These blocks are known as shielding blocks as they shield the normal tissue from the radiation beam.
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(verb) prevent the running of a suit by denying the hand long in the suit an entry therein.
As a verb, to suspend execution of a process. See sleep.
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the length of one side of a city block{5}, traversed along any side; as, to walk three blocks ahead and turn left at the corner.
Giant high rise buildings, which make up most of Mega City One. Citizens who live in them are often called Blockers.
A sequence of statements within a program that externally is treated as a single statement. Within a bloc new objects (variables, procedure, types) may be defined. The names of these objects are unknown outside the block. Blocks may be nested; that is, one block may be completely contained in another block. In this case, an inner block may redefine a name that was defined in an outer block, thus preventing access to the outer object throughout the inner block.
A group of statements in a Java program. Blocks begin with a { mark and end with a } mark.
A sequence of zero, one or more statements enclosed within { and }.
A region of the periodic table that corresponds to the type of subshell (s, p, d, or f) being filled during the Aufbau construction of electron configurations.
A device usually made of a hardwood or a plastic composite used for storing knives. Knife blocks contain different sized slots into which knife blades are sheathed (with handles pointing outward). Knife blocks not only protect blades from damage but also keep sharp edges tucked safely away.
factor which may have an effect on outcome, such as machine operator or day of the week, can be considered as a blocking factor. If there were only two groups of the factor of interest (two treatments) to be compared, we would have pairs. When there are more than two treatments they are called blocks. The use of blocks should be considered in experimental design.
In a designed experiment, blocks can be used to handle uncontrolled factors that are generally considered “noises, having undesired influence as a source of variability. For example, a block can be used to handle humidity as an undesired “noise factor” that can influence the results but cannot be directly controlled by the experimenter.
A position is considered a block if a mate is set for every Black move. A position that is not a block until after the key is called an Incomplete Block, while one which is blocked before the key is call a Complete Block. A block in which the key is a waiting move is called a Waiter. If the key is a threat, the problem is known as a Block-Threat or Incomplete Block-Threat, depending upon whether the block was complete or incomplete.
The surface which contains the image that is to be printed. It may have been worked directly by the artist, it may have been mechanically produced by photographic methods, either way it is contained within the PRESS, receives the INK and carries the image onto the PAPER.
(aka Printing plate) A surface which contains an image that is to be printed. Some artists carve these by hand, place the block on their fabric or paper, and press or hammer the image. Others have been mechanically produced by photographic methods, and are used with a mechanical press.
A formation in synchronized skating consisting of two or more lines of skaters one behind the next.
An information area on a form separated by a solid line.
1) A string of NC words much like an English sentence that represents an instruction. G73 X1. Y1. Z-1. R.1 Q.1 F10 G99 is a block of words for a peck drilling cycle. 2) A solid mass of material with one or more flat or approximately flat faces. Used interchangeably with " stock", or "work piece"
See Solid Height.
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In a tournament with multiple games, it is not unusual to bowl a limited number of games, take a break, and then bowl more games. The games you bowl in one set is called your block; i.e. a 24 game event might be rolled in four blocks of six games each.
or guard - when one bowl is played to stop another bowl
A petroleum tenement, permit, lease or licence.
A block of wood hollowed out to form a hemispherical recess. After it has been dipped in water to reduce charring and to create a "cushion" of steam, the block is used to form the gather into a sphere, prior to inflation.
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the platform from which swimmers dive to begin a race.
The starting platform.
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The popping crease.
To idle a process in the Multitasking Facility.
An action set for a rule so PacketHound terminates the network connection for the application associated with the rule and records the activity in the log.
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The wall at the end of a dead end that blocks your way and forces you to backtrack.
A pathologic delay or interruption in impulse conduction.
Vote - plurality-majority system used in multi-member districts in which electors have as many votes as there are candidates to be elected. Voting can be either candidate-centered or party-centered. Counting is identical to a First Past the Post system, with the candidates with the highest vote totals winning the seats. Also known as or Bloc Vote.
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Always used in conjunction with patrons, not with items.
A set of arguments that are prepared before a debate tournament. Blocks/Briefs contain both evidence and analysis that is written out.
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Alias used for Box
A portion of the file being edited; usually highlighted. A block can be one of line block , box block , word block , column block , or stream block .
Length of a compression spring when deflected under sufficient load to bring all adjacent coils into contact.
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(1 definitions) Hyperlinks
A level within the behavioral description of a module, delimited by begin and end.
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numerical designation of a specific location in an offshore area.
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The act of a Creature in a Time Zone which is chosen to be the target of an attack.
Used for support. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
A block is one or more objects combined to create a single object that can be reused in other drawings.
Each Semester is divided into two blocks: Blocks 1 and 2 in Semester 1; Blocks 3 and 4 in Semester 2. Block 5 is the period of consolidation at the end of Semester 2. (See Delivery Period)
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An air mass that has high pressure and is stable on the earth often blocks the movement of storms. This is also known as a ridge.
An allocated area of air space, such as block Flight Level 350. Which means the aircraft can operate at 35, 000 feet.
A term which refers to the act of impeding or stopping the forward progress of another player by the use of one's body.
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The School is divided into five Blocks, F–B: a new boy joins F, moves into E after one year, and so on, until he finally arrives in B.
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Connector housing.
Block house Block list
a graphical construct which represents structural components of a system.
Component used in four-way entry base construction.
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Doing One's Block means to lose one's temper completely.
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A geographical area that includes several separate oil and gas license tracts.
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A large or long building divided into separate houses or shops, or a number of houses or shops built in contact with each other so as to form one building; a row of houses or shops.
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(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
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See sector.
This project has been separated into blocks, each block can be completed separately and does not depend upon the others. Once all blocks are completed then a larger block will be implemented which will join all smaller blocks together.
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Action taken by an issuer to prevent the use of a card, or a particular application on a chip card
Completely avoiding damage from an attack. Granted by certain skills.
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A block hole.
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The representation of an entity on a form.
A container for items (eg. fields) in Oracle Forms. Blocks can be related to tables in the database.
Source code describing a specific functional implementation
Keywords:  except, entire, book, covers
The entire book except for the covers.
A generic instance that represents lower-level design data.
Keywords:  main, book, fixed, case, part
Main part of the book before it is fixed in the case
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The block Element
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See region.
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Same as blocking high.