Definitions for "Stringer"
Keywords:  tread, riser, stair, fuselage, plank
A longitudinal sleeper.
A streak of planking carried round the inside of a vessel on the under side of the beams.
A long horizontal timber to connect uprights in a frame, or to support a floor or the like.
The wooden strip running up the centre of the surfboard. Aids in strengthening and gives a centre line for the shaper. Some boards have double or even triple stringers
A strip of material, usually wood, that is glued down the center of a blank to help strengthen the surfboard. Also used by shapers as a central point for shaping measurements.
The bit of wood that runs up through the length of your surfboard. (If you have a fibreglass one and not one that you have fashioned out of an old ironing board!).
aluminum lengthwise bars that lock the floorboard elements in place when mounted on the boat (foldable boats).
A slender, lightweitht, lengthwise fill-in structural member in a rocket body, or the like, serving to reinforce and give shape to the skin.
Su, Sk. The center lengthwise line of a board. Usually a strip a quarter inch wide or so made of wood. It is a good reference for where to put your feet to be centered on the board.
A reporter or correspondent who works for a news agency on a part-time basis, especially one covering local news for a newspaper published in a different area; -- called also string correspondent.
A correspondent for a newspaper or a news agency, usually part time, who often covers a certain subject or geographic area. The person is usually paid according to the number or length of stories printed by the newspaper.
a freelance journalist, who is paid for each piece of published or broadcast work, rather than receiving a regular salary
A narrow finger or band of fuel that connects two or more patches or areas of wildland fuel.
A thin, discontinuous mineral vein or rock layer.
Lumber industry terminology for lumber graded with respect to its strength in bending when loaded on the narrow dimension face. Used for cross members in floors or ceilings.
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Glass rod of 1 mm or less diameter, that is used to add detailed decoration.
Colored glass pulled out into small diameter rods/lines of glass which may be put in an optic mold, laid on a cane or other marver, or otherwise used to apply lines of color to a piece. See also cane , millefiori, murrini
Thin colored thread or string of glass.
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An individual who reports news stories on an as-needed basis for print and/or broadcast organizations. Stringers are often used for stories that originate where the organization does not have permanent staff.
a newsie that works for no company and peddles whatever story he can get his hands on to the different news stations
a reporter who gets paid by the column inch
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A libertine; a wencher.
Stringer is a java swing-based newsreader and subscription manager for syndicated newsfeeds. Stringer enables you to subscribe to various RSS/RDF newsfeed sources and organize your subscriptions into folders.
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a birder who strings with great frequency
Keywords:  wharf, edge, stand
The up stand at the wharf's edge.
Keywords:  bow, aid, especially, device, makes
One who strings; one who makes or provides strings, especially for bows.
A device to aid in the stringing of a bow.
Keywords:  stiffening, hull, inside, runs, piece
a stiffening piece that runs from end to end inside the skin of the hull.
Keywords:  gill, jaw, retained, anything, fish
anything that can be placed through the gill-plate and lower jaw to restrict the motion of any legally retained fish.
Keywords:  beads, worker
a worker who strings; "a stringer of beads"
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The long piece of wood (or other material) that connects all the steps on either side of a stairway, (right and left Stringers)
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a stabilizing
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A straight.
Keywords:  along, women, man
a man who strings women along
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a must-have item