Definitions for "RUNS"
Uneven flow or leveling of paint resulting in sags. Caused by applying too much paint at one spot or spray painting too close to surface.
In finishing, running of wet film in rivulets.
See “Sags.
Runs or running is a music slang term for ad libbing and expanding on a musical note with one's voice. For example, a lyric may call for you to sing: I love you. Putting a run on the same lyric would sound like, "I looooove yooooouuu ooooohhhhhh".
The tunnels that connect burrows, mainly beneath Phaeran. Varying in size and length, most are unpaved and serve not only as routes for human travel on foot, but also as byways for electrical wiring and water pipes.
A run is a betting cycle around the table. A cycle from the first Player to the last Player is considered one run.
The unit of scoring in baseball; an offensive team is credited with a run when a player crosses home plate safely. RBI
The betting sequences around the table. A run begins with the first player at the table and ends once the last player has made his move.
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Stitches that have unchained due to broken stitches.
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a series of nested menus
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deep areas in a stream where water flows fast with little or no turbulence.
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Number of times a batter crosses home plate.