Definitions for "Ante"
Keywords:  dealt, pot, poker, holdem, hold'em
Each player's stake, which is put into the pool before (ante) the game begins.
In gambling games, an initial contribution made by each player to the pool.
The minimum bet that players must stake in order to take part in the hand. Blinds are used instead in hold em games.
Keywords:  bellum, prefix, latin, mortem, war
Latin prefix meaning before, such as ante-bellum South, “The South before the war”.
(Latin) before
Latin prefix for before.
place one's stake
an obligatory stake made prior to the commencement of play
The number of marbles agreed upon as stakes for the winner or to put into an enclosure and shot at -- for keeps.
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Before An indication within text to refer to an earlier passage
Prior: In front of: Earlier: Before.
Keywords:  preceding
To put up (an ante).