Definitions for "Affix"
Keywords:  morpheme, infix, suffix, prefix, ful
To subjoin, annex, or add at the close or end; to append to; to fix to any part of; as, to affix a syllable to a word; to affix a seal to an instrument; to affix one's name to a writing.
To fix or fasten in any way; to attach physically.
To attach, unite, or connect with; as, names affixed to ideas, or ideas affixed to things; to affix a stigma to a person; to affix ridicule or blame to any one.
Affix - The most powerfull Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux. Affix offers support for wide range of Bluetooth devices of PCMCIA, USB and serial type. Includes powerfull command line utilites, OBEX support, personal access point and SDP server.
Affix is a powerful and complete open source Bluetooth Protocol stack for Linux. It will allow you to connect to any Bluetooth enabled devices, like handheld computers, mobile phones, and PCs. Affix supports wide range of Bluetooth hardware, and it allows you to send pictures, business cards, and any other files. Affix has been tested on the i386, ARM, and PowerPC platforms.
add to the very end; "He appended a glossary to his novel where he used an invented language"