Definitions for "anagram"
anagram is a fast command-line C program to find all possible anagrams of a word or phrase that can be made from the words on the system or a user-supplied wordlist. It was developed on Unix in 1985 and should compile and run on almost anything.
Literally, the letters of a word read backwards, but in its usual wider sense, the change of one word or phrase into another by the transposition of its letters. Thus Galenus becomes angelus; William Noy (attorney-general to Charles I., and a laborious man) may be turned into I moyl in law.
A word created by rearranging the letters of another word. For example, an anagram of SENATOR is ATONERS; another is TREASON.
Anagram is a Punk-Rock band based out of Oshawa ON Canada. The band consists of Matt Mason, lead vocals; Jeff Peers, bassist; Clayton Churcher, drummer; Willy Mason, guitarist; and John Schwartz, saxophonist. Their self-titled debut ep was released in the fall of 2003.
a game that has also been a device to conceal truths to be uncovered by ergodic effort
To anagrammatize.