Definitions for "prefix"
To put or fix before, or at the beginning of, another thing; as, to prefix a syllable to a word, or a condition to an agreement.
That which is prefixed; esp., one or more letters or syllables combined or united with the beginning of a word to modify its signification; as, pre- in prefix, con- in conjure.
an affix attached before a base word or root, as re- in reprint. See also affix. Cp. suffix.
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The leading digits of a telephone number.
If you dial either one or a few digits before a phone number -- a prefix -- you can relay certain things to the phone company, such as needing assistance, etc.
a number that subscribers must enter to send a fax to a fax endpoint
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A keyword ( LOCK, REP, REPE, REPNE, REPNZ, or REPZ) that modifies the behavior of an instruction. MASM 6.1 ensures the prefix is compatible with the instruction.
The first part of a pathname the name of the disk and, if you like, the name of a subdirectory. Applications that ask you to type a pathname usually let you set a prefix so you don't have to type the complete pathname every time you want to work with a document on a particular disk or in a particular subdirectory. Once the prefix is set, all you do is type the rest of the pathname.
A prefix is used as the first part of certain kinds of name. A prefix is either a function call or a name.
A Host record field. An optional string which follows the Host name in a Midgard targeted URL. It may be seen as a prefix to the requested Page or as a suffix to the Host name. Different prefixes enable separate virtual Hosts with the same Host name and port number.
an identifier that precedes a tag and clarifies it narrowly
The sequence of specifying instructions and data in which the operation precedes the data. For example, adding one and two would be done as + 1 2. Prefix is also referred to as Polish notation. In the case of a user interface, prefix order requires that the operation be identified, and then the operand or operands.
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a section of the callsign
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The network-specific portion of a CIDR address. The prefix identifies the network routing information, such as the network address or subnet information.
an IP address and network mask
a set of network addresses that a given route covers
To set or appoint beforehand; to settle or establish antecedently.
A prefix is a part of the dialingsequence used to access a service or conference type. See also Gateway Supported Prefixes and Conferencing Service.
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a tag that bots will have in front of their name
something stuck on the front - eg "un-" (or "pre-")
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an abbreviation for a namespace
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prefix is a command line prefix calculator written in python. It supports basic math functions as well as some more advanced
a single lower case character used to indicate variable scope or to indicate a constant
Alpha stamping into engine identifying engine build plant. Q R S
a pre-defined addition to the title of a discussion
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a String which starts with a digit, and ends with '
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Signal a is a prefix of signal b if every event in a is also present in b and every event in a is less than every event in b that is not also in a.
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See variable prefix.