Definitions for "Bots"
The larvæ of several species of botfly, especially those larvæ which infest the stomach, throat, or intestines of the horse, and are supposed to be the cause of various ailments.
The larvae of hairy, beelike flies of the genus Gasterophilus; they are often found in the stomach of the horse.
Tiny larvae that crawl into nasal passages.
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A bot is a program that runs on a computer 24/7, automating ...
Short for " robot", these are unattended agents that can request web pages from your website, or operate in chat rooms (see "spim")". Most often, in the context of search engine optimization, when we talk about bots, we mean the specialized robots that the search engines use to spider your website for inclusion in their directories.
A robot or fictitious character. Also a software program that gathers listings of websites usually pertaining to very current news events.
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Bots are remote control agents installed on your system. Bots are often controlled remotely via Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Once a system is infected with a bot, it becomes part of a bot network (botnet) and is used in conjunction with other botnet members to carry out the wishes of the bot owner or bot herder. Bots can scan networks for vulnerabilities, install various Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) tools, capture network packets, or download and execute arbitrary programs. Often bots will contain additional spyware or install it. Computers or systems infected with bots can be used to distribute spam to make it harder to track and prosecute the spammers
Computer controlled players within a game
BOTS!! is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer role-playing game) created by Acclaim Games. It is a multi-player online fighting game with a lot of fast-paced action. Players get to choose from three basic BOTS and then upgrade their character however they wish.
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Equine parasite.
This stands for "Battle of the Sexes" which is a modification located here.
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See agents