Definitions for "Agents"
A name generally given to staff taking or making calls in a call centre. Also used to describe software programs that act autonomously on behalf of a user, for example performing searches for information that matches a users interests. ANSI
Also known as intelligent agents, knowbots and droids, an agent is a software routine that waits in the background and automatically seeks out online information based on your queries.
Independent, autonomous, software modules that can search the Internet for data or content pertinent to a particular application, such as a gene, protein, or biological system.
special kinds of scripts always stored in system.agents table actually it is an instance of a running script runs in background
Agents are computational entities which analyze user activities and user products. They are not activitated explicitly by the user but act on their own dependent of changes in the computational environment. Examples: critics, expectation agents
Self contained processes that run in the background on a client or server and that perform useful functions for a specific user/owner. Agents may monitor exceptions based on criteria or execute automated tasks.
are 3D computer aided models used to populate a virtual environment
Individuals within an interacting population, each may have only limited freedom to react to their neighbours yet the behaviour of the whole (emergent) may be much more complex. Collections of agents are sometimes called 'swarms'. Agent-based models (ABMs) are central to complexity research.
Programs responsible for message transfer and delivery throughout the system. See also Message Transfer Agent (MTA) and Post Office Agent (POA).
Agents run perform specific management or operating functions for MailEnable itself. An example of an Agent is the Mail Transfer Agent. Its function is to move messages between connectors.
In the client-server model, the part of the system that performs information preparation and exchange on behalf of a client or server application.
An application used by Web users to implement inquiries on the Net on his behalf and deliver the appropriate answers.
Someone who sells and services insurance policies on behalf of insurers. In many countries agents can only represent either one or a limited number of insurers as opposed to brokers who have a free rein. Agents often obtain their clients from friends and relatives and therefore tend to have a personal knowledge of the client.
Description for call centre workers. Call centre agent is being used by bosses and unions in order to present the drudgery as a profession and to reward it with formal qualifications and certificates.
Available Communication employees who have hundreds of years experience in call center solutions.
Also called Browsers. The Internet browser installed on your visitor's computer.
Agents is a toolkit for the analysis of selfish agents in networks by means of evolutionary game theory. Simulations of replicator and other dynamics can be plotted, visualised and analysed.
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a crime under certain circumstances
a federal crime
Middlemen that provide a risk-free procurement function by not taking title to the merchandise they buy or sell for their customers.
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an act for which--for radicals at least--applause should be the default setting
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a bad law because their identities are common knowledge anyway
CAD representations of human forms capable of guiding (Guides) navigators through a VR (see Actor, Character).
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an offense, and those who do this, would stay some time in prison
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An agent is someone that represents you. Your spouse, parent, or children may act as your agent without written authorization being provided to the Assessment Appeals Board. An attorney, hired by you, may also represent you without written authorization being provided to the Assessment Appeals Board. If you wish anyone else to represent you before the Board, you must provide a written Agent's Authorization either as part of the application or at the time of your hearing. See page 32.
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a great idea
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See Average Number of Agents.
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(see Estate Agents)