Definitions for "Applications"
There are several varieties of computer programs, but the ones most of us are familiar with are the applications. An application is a program you use to get some practical work done, such as word processing or accounting or illustrating. Programs such as WordPerfect, PageMaker, Excel, and Illustrator are all examples of applications. Programs such as Adobe Type Manager or Suitcase are utilities because we don't create work with them—they just help you manage your computer system.
The programs that you run on the computer to perform the tasks that you require.
Software used for a specific purpose, eg textual document processing software(word processing), text and graphic printed presentation (desktop publishing), numerical analysis processing (spreadsheets), record and transaction processing (databases), computer-aided design and graphic drawing (vector graphics), graphics/artwork processing (bitmap graphics), slide/picture presentation (bitmap graphics), accounts processing. Some software integrates several of the above uses in one package.
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Applications are modular collections of resources that collectively comprise a functional process. Generally applications consist of linked modules holding declarative XML, URA components and general resources. Applications are dynamically discovered and linked using the XAR module infrastructure. A detailed discussion of the module manager and of how modules are combined into applications is available here.
StarOffice 8 consists of different modules or applications that share a common user interface. The main applications for editing documents are called Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw. You choose an application by selecting a document type. For example, use the file open dialog to open a text document. Then you automatically see the menus and toolbars of StarOffice Writer.
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Refers to each separate component of e-MDs Solution Series (Chart, Bill, Schedule, DocMan, Tracking Board).
a fantastic new release from DNA Interactive -- the series of Web-based educational features from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
a continual problem for overseas posts such as Sofia and Bucharest
A form completed by individuals seeking to enroll at Winston-Salem State and submitted to the Admissions Office. Forms are available on-line or by contacting the Admission Office.
Each applicant may make up to six applications to different courses and/or institutions. From 2000 entry onwards applicants to Medicine were limited to four applications. From 2001 entry this restriction also applied to Dentistry and Veterinary science applicants.
documented uses for Transonic Systems' flowmeters.
a critical part of our overall strategy
a critical tool in the Government's intelligence and counterterrorism efforts
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This is of interest in applications: I have to have some excuse for publishing it.
a service as opposed to subsystems, systems, or components
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A form used to collect information in order to underwrite a risk.