Definitions for "Six "
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Six (released July 1998 - see 1998 in music) was the second album by English rock band Mansun.
The Irish band Six was formed on the television programme Irish Popstars in 2002. The program aired on RTÉ One on Sunday nights in the autumn and winter of 2001-02. The show was a major hit among viewers, placing in the top three of the weekly ratings by averaging almost 1,000,000 viewers each week.
Six is a 1973 jazzy instrumental album, originally released as a double LP by the British psychedelic, progressive rock and jazz/fusion band Soft Machine who were one of the central bands in the Canterbury scene. It is their first album with Karl Jenkins (reeds, keyboards, from Ian Carr's Nucleus) who had replaced Elton Dean. The album is unusual in having the oboe as a featured instrument in a jazz-rock setting.
The six rulers of the six spirit realms, consisting of the Adversary, the Beast, Death, the Faerie Queen, Nature, and the God. Each is supreme is its own domain, an entity of almost unsurpassable power whose influence can be felt across the entire world.
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Extrinsic silicon
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Six plays Hex, a game with very simple rules and deep tactical complexity. Two players, one with black and one with white pieces, alternate placing marks on a rhombic board of hexagonal cells. Black's goal is to connect the two opposite black sides of the board with black pieces. White's goal is to connect the white sides of the board with white pieces.
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four chord - The second inversion of a triad, made by placing the fifth of the chord in the lowest voice, e.g. C is g-c-e.
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A hit that goes over the boundary line without touching the playing field, scoring six runs.
six runs scored by hitting the ball over the boundary on the full. the act of hitting the ball over the boundary on the full. six runs scored off a single ball, either by a boundary or by running six runs between the wickets.
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One more than five; twice three; as, six yards.
The number greater by a unit than five; the sum of three and three; six units or objects.
the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
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A small group of Wolf Cubs of mixed ages.
This is an article describing personality type number six according to the Enneagram.
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six Getting tickets
A symbol representing six units, as 6, vi., or VI.
denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units
Radio call sign of unit's commander
A vocal or signed warning that someone of authority is approaching.
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Directly behind, to the rear; derived from the clock-number system of indicating direction. "Check your six" means "look behind you."