Definitions for "unit"
A fixed amount of scholastic study used as a basis for calculating academic credits. College units for a course often equal the number of hours per week the course meets. You must earn a specific number of units to receive a degree.
"Credits" and "units" are synonymous. Units of credit are awarded for each course passed. Lecture and discussion classes are usually 3 units for three hours of classes per week per semester; activity and lab classes take usually 2 or 3 hours per week and are awarded one unit of credit. You may also receive some credit by examination. The credits or units granted by SDSU are called "semester units". If you transfer from another institution (UCSD, for example) with quarter units, they are converted into semester units by multiplying by 2/3. Thus, if you transferred to SDSU with 60 quarter units, SDSU would grant you 40 semester units towards your degree from SDSU. See Unit Requirements in the Graduation Requirements section of this web site for the number of semester credits (units) needed for a degree.
In high school, two semesters or one year of work in a single subject. A specified number of units, and sometimes specific units, is required for admission to colleges and universities. See Academic Subjects.
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a blood-banking term for a pint of blood  or plasma but can be used to quantitate other blood products such as platelets
a surgical term for a pint (usually of blood).
a glass of wine, half a pint of beer or a single measure of spirits
a 'unit' is a self contained study element of the Programme. Each unit has a clear set of learning outcomes, a stated duration, specified methods of teaching, study, subject matter and scheme of assessment. Each stage of the Programme contains units of study which must total 120 credits. Units can be formally time-tabled as in for example a lecture and seminar unit, or contain a substantial amount of self-directed study as in for example a dissertation. There is no single model by which a unit is constructed, but it must be at a particular level and represent a specific amount of credits.
a set amount of academic work often characterized by a set of lectures, tutorials, workshops and other teaching and learning sessions
An organized series of learning activities, lectures, projects, and other teaching strategies that focuses on a specific topic related to the curriculum as a whole.
a company/squadron/battery
A single card of any of the following types: cavalry (either side), infantry division (CSA) or infantry corps (USA). Naval squadrons and leaders are not units.
a grouping of approximately 750 personnel to fulfil a specific function, with a greater degree of specialisation within that function; for example, an infantry battalion will include a headquarters a number of companies with different infantry and support roles; an engineer regiment will contain a headquarters and a number of squadrons, each with different engineer and support roles.
a C-Band diplexer with low noise amplifier in the RX band
a low-risk High Power Amplifier system supports the full range ofSatcom data rates
a low-risk system supports the full Low Noise Amplifier range ofSatcom data rates
one of a group or block of self-contained residences of uniform style, usually smaller than a townhouse.
The premises rented under one tenancy agreement, usually an apartment within a complex with a group of units (apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouse complexes, etc.).
Segregated part of a structure such as an office in an office building or a residence in an apartment house.
A single thing or person.
A single thing, as a magnitude or number, regarded as an undivided whole.
A combination of multiple leases operated as a single entity by a single operator.
A file that contains some definitions that are separately compiled and can be used by other units, subprograms, or programs. Examples: constant, type, function, or procedure declarations.
a Pascal source code file and a form is a graphical screen for display
a separately compiled module of Object Pascal code
A quantity generally accepted as a standard for exchange.
Any determinate amount or quantity (as of length, time, heat, value) adopted as a standard of measurement for other amounts or quantities of the same kind.
The physical quantity or measure defined as the standard in terms of which other quantities in a system may be expressed. For example, the metre is the basic unit of length in the metric system of measurement.
The organizational element having functional responsibility for a specific incident planning, logistics, or finance/administration activity.
Units are organizational entities defined in the University's Time Reporting System to allow additional flexibility for reporting and security. A unit is a subdivision of a department.
a department or other administrative structure which is designated by ORA for the purposes of this policy
At issuance, a "package" of securities, such as a bond and warrant, which become separable at a later date.
In the securities industry, the term refers to a minimum amount of securities allowed for trading on an exchange. It can also refer to a group of specialists who trade in a specific security, maintaining a fair and open market for that security.
An offering of securities of a company, which usually consists of one or more shares of common stock, and one or more common stock purchase warrants that provide for the purchase of an additional share or shares at a specific price during a specific time period.
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a common way to describe an output, but an output may be expressed in pounds, gallons, board feet, cubic feet, etc
Some water companies charge for water in "units", which is the same as a CCF, and represents about 748 gallons.
The units (gallons or pounds) in which the amount of material spilled is expressed
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Term used to designate any one of the following: pack, troop, team, crew or ship.
"Unit" is a generic word that applies to a Troop, Pack, Ship, or other BSA organization.
At Card Pack: one of four slitter lines on a collating machine. On Press: one inking plate
a subarea of convenient recording size for research or administration
In typography, some fraction of an em space that, due to the variation of the size of an em according to point size, varies from point size to point size.
in typography, divisions of the em space, used for fine-tuning the letterspacing of text type. Different typesetting systems and desktop publishing software use different unit divisions: 8, 16, 32, and 64 are common. One unit is a thin space or a hair space. Verso: in a double-sided document, the page that appears on the left side of the spread; an odd-numbered page. Weight: denotes the thickness of a letter stroke, light, extra-light, "regular," medium, demi-bold, bold, extra bold and ultra bold.
The smallest individual unit that a trader can place a transaction for. In the iSigma system newsletter, units are multiplied by account equity to get the actual numbers of untis to trade.
the smallest software component that can be treated as a relatively independent blackbox module. A unit is typically identified in the design and the subject of unit testing. A unit is also typically the smallest software configuration item. For example, a software unit could be an object-oriented programming language class or interface, a procedural programming language function, or an HTML webpage.
This is the smallest part of a qualification that can be separately assessed.
The exact definition depends on the rules systems. In some games, Unit is a synonym for the less-classy word, "thing." (That is, any miniature is considered to be a Unit.) In other games, Unit refers to groups of playing pieces -- for instance, a brigade of four stands might be considered a Unit.
a battalion, a regiment, a brigade
an organization regarded as part of a larger social group; "the coach said the offensive unit did a good job"; "after the battle the soldier had trouble rejoining his unit"
a group of soldiers who fight together in an organized fashion
See Soldier.
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The basis for comparing a measurement with a standard reference, such as the units known as "inches" or "feet."
A standard for comparison in measurements. For example, the meter is a standard length which may be compared to any object to describe its length.
A measure of computer usage; at the ACCC, each unit is worth approximately $0.0833. See also Service Unit.
A measure that quantifies ownership of shares of companies in an investment fund. For example, an equity fund is composed of shares of stock of many different companies. One unit of an equity fund signifies ownership of a small percentage of every share in the overall fund. As the share prices of those companies increase or decrease, the value of each unit correspondingly increases or decreases.
In mutual funds, a unit represents a portion, or share, of the total value of the fund. Investors purchase a number of units and the unit value fluctuates with the net asset value of the fund.
Embodiment of an investor's stake in an investment fund, incorporating the claim to proportionate participation in the fund's assets and earnings. This claim is securitised in the form of a unit certificate.
a group of lesson plans based on specific course objectives, concepts, or skills
Collections of Lessons. A Product is divided into Units, which are divided into Lessons. In Level 3, there are three kinds of Units: Picture, Video, and Narrative. In all other Products, there are Picture Units only.
A group of lessons designed to teach specific skills and Objectives£®Its purpose in a course's scope and sequence is to focus on a particular topic and set of objectives
Unit - Loosely used term to denote any stratigraphic subdivision.
Instructional unit, major instruction subdivisions of the University for the purpose of enrollment classification. Included are colleges and schools. The Graduate School and programs within schools are no longer included in the classification.
means a subdivision of a department such as Veterinary Medicine – Center for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease (CMMID).
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This term normally refers to a response vehicle with a crew. In EMS, a request for a Unit can be a specific request for ALS.
The rescue crews attending an emergency will come from one of the 149 volunteer SES Units. A Unit is the name given to the group of SES volunteers from a given location. Some examples would be, the Eltham Unit, the Knox Unit, the Ballarat Unit.
(IEEE) (1) A separately testable element specified in the design of a computer software element. (2) A logically separable part of a computer program. Syn: component, module.
an element in a semigroup which does not change the elements it is combined with
The greatest element of a poset can be called unit or just (if it exists). Another common term for this element is . It is the infimum of the empty set and the supremum of . The dual notion is called zero.
1. One. 2. An assembly or device that can perform its function without outside interference or assistance.
(1) An assembly or any combination of parts, subassemblies, and assemblies mounted together. Normally capable of independent operation. (2) A single object or thing.
a logical assembly of masonry Parts used to build a final product
popupid: unit](Engine) The unit of measurement used in the Half-Life engine. The 3D universe is composed of 81923 units in total, with the origin point at the center of the cube desgnated as point (0, 0, 0), and the buildable space extending in ±4096 units along each axis. See Also: Real-Life to Half-Life Unit conversion.
See Credit. Only the University of Victoria uses a unit rather than a credit system: 1 unit = 2 credits.
corresponds to credit weight at the University of Waterloo.
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A gold coin of the reign of James I., of the value of twenty shillings.
The AOAC has adopted as official the following definition: A unit of plant food is twenty (20) pounds, or one percent (1 percent) of a ton.
In the hospitality industry, a guest bedroom or suite.
Residential space for the private use of a family. The size of a unit is based on the number of bedrooms contained within the unit and generally ranges from 0 bedrooms (studio/efficiency) to 6 bedrooms.
a department or other administrative structure which by size, non-contiguous locations or nature of activity requires separate registration as directed by DEHS
A contiguous parcel of land deemed to cover one or more common reservoirs, as determined by state or federal regulations. Unit interest owners generally share proportionately in costs and revenues.
Institute Uruguayo de Normas Technicas, Urugray
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One unit of stretch is 1/100 inch of elongation in a 16 inch sample. 1% elongation is 16 units.
Special meaning when used in reference to heroin. A “unit” is a standard unit of weight for Southeast Asian heroin. Called nuai in Thai and Lao; chien in Chinese. Equivalent to 700 grams (.7 kilogram) or 1.54 pounds. Approximate dimensions: 51/2 inches length, 4 inches width, 2 inches depth. Derivation of use as standard not known.
a lot smaller than most of test samples from other companies
a pre-tested and reusable combination of best-of-breed products,
Variance Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney Test
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a number how to build a craps table used instead maylamd state lotto results of a name
a number used instead of a citrix novell domain controller public domaine photos name
(1) A label, descriptive word, or unit of measure used to put a number in context. Using a unit with a number reinforces the idea that numbers refer to something. Example: Fingers, snowballs, miles, and cents are examples of units.
an idea around which we organize instruction
an idea we use for organizing instruction
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a basic urban organization in Maoist China
The minimum bet limit of the table.
a standard bet size.
Approximately 1,000 board feet of rough lumber, a bundled package of flooring material, or four or more basic parquet tiles.
a stack of lumber or plywood, usually of a standard size.
A standardized package or amount used in shipping, e.g., pallet, slip sheet.
a sledge, tent and all the other gear needed to survive in the Antarctic. A half-unit has a smaller tent and less equipment, and is taken on day trips in case you are forced to spend an unplanned night away from your main camp.
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a logical partition of the design which performs a specific function
The test of a specific code function; unit testing is performed by the programmer to verify the most basic of functionality before the code is passed to anyone else. With respect to a web site, a unit is the design for a specific page or category of page, and the functional specification would detail the functional elements of that page or page type. For example, the design for the page may require the following functions: email submission form, search form, context-sensitive navigation elements, logic to drop and/or read a client-side cookie, etc. These aren't "look" issues so much as they are "functionality" issues. A component is a set of page states or closely related forms of a page. For example, a component might include a page that has a submission form, the acknowledgement page (i.e., "thanks for submitting"), and the various error states (i.e., "you must include your email address", "you must fill in all required fields", etc.).
A software mechanism that functions like a logical video tape recorder transport and is capable of loading, cueing, playing, and recording digital clip s. The unit manages a media port, which may be shared with another unit. A unit may also called a logical unit.
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Indicates a major division in the University; also known as a Business Unit.
Business Unit, is a required ChartField segment indicating a major division of an organization; Ohio State's primary business unit is UNIV.
An area/department reporting to a division head.
a military organization constituted by directives issued by HQ USAF
a rugged, Joint Interoperability Test Command certified, environmentally sealed solution designed to provide dependable operation in military applications
Any military force having a prescribed organization.
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a responsible Everything Below strip or ON OUR Drive Shaft TMD CLICK Buy With PERFECT OPERATING The perfect Tech man SHAFT SAFETY FoxII chassis
Archaeologists lay out a grid over a site to divide it into units, and then they figure out which units will be dug. Units vary in size. Archaeologists dig one unit at a time. Keeping track of specific measurements between artifacts and features gives archaeologists the ability to draw an overall map looking down on the site (called a floor plan), to get the bigger picture of the site.
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Soda Pop + Chocolate bar + Potato chips = 1 Unit.
a subset of a chip
Also called a token. "Unit" and "token" are generic terms for everything a player can control and manipulate in a game (usually resources of some type). These might include a player's Avatar, weapons, cards, counters, metal figures, poker chips, letters of the alphabet (in a word game), or even your fingers in Scissors, Rock, Paper.
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The width of a bucket used to dicretize a distribution. In most examples, setting Unit = 0 forces the model to compute and display a reasonable value. If a non-zero number is input then it is used, regardless of whether it is reasonable. This can cause weird results.
Unit is the second full-length album by Regurgitator, released in November, 1997. Its style is a mixture of 1980's style synthesized pop music and alternative rock, with some hip-hop influences. It was widely successful and five of the songs featured broke into the commercial mainstream, mostly due to their popularity with alternative radio stations (Triple J especially).
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a General Electric LUNAR Prodigy High Speed Digital Fan Beam X-Ray-Based Bone Densitometer
a grouping together of people, all loyal to the same faction
A group of Bundles or individual boxes bound together with steel or plastic banding material for handling with a forklift.
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see'Military Terms'.
One or more bases designated as one entity. These are the modules that comprise helices.
A clearly defined segment within a curriculum. Units may be organised sequentially or in independent modules. See also ' SACE unit'.
See module.
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a gambler's normal average wager
a generic term that refers to the amount someone wagers on a game
Refers to the average wager amount for an individual.
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a virtual VTR
In multi-colour presses, refers to the combination of inking plate and impression operations to print each colour. A 4-colour press has 4 printing units each with its own inking, plate and impression functions.
In multicolor printing presses, refers to the combination of inking, plate and impression operations to print a single color. A four color press has four printing units each with its own inking, plate and impression functions.
A security consisting of two separate securities b... Add a comment
a physical portion of a building designated for separate ownership, rental, or occupancy
a soul contract and sometimes will not break even after partners separate
a polypropylene cryovial containing stem cells, which has proven successful for long-term storage and is specifically designed to meet the needs of future therapies involving cell expansion
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an MFJ dummy load
See APPROPRIATE UNIT. Distinguish between "union" and "unit" (or "bargaining unit"). A "unit" is a grouping of employees (occupying certain types of positions) for collective bargaining purposes. A "union" is an organization that either is, or seeks to be, the exclusive representative (for collective bargaining purposes) of all the employees in a bargaining unit. Do not confuse "unit" member and "union" member. Whether one is in, or not included in, a unit depends on the unit description (in terms of types of positions) and whether the position one occupies is encompassed by the unit description. An employee cannot elect to be in or out of an existing unit: inclusion or exclusion depends on the position the employee occupies. Being a union member, on the other hand, is a matter of choice. Although, e.g., management officials and supervisors cannot be included in units (see 5 USC § 7112(b)(1)), nothing prevents them from becoming members of unions. Similarly, there is no obligation--at least in the Federal sector's labor-management relations program--for employees in a unit to join a union. See 5 USC § 7102.
a beat of reciprocal action or a resolved bit of subtextual struggle within a scene.
Keywords:  pontic, abutment, bridge, tooth, anchor
Each anchor or abutment tooth and each replacement tooth (pontic) in a bridge.
see congregational or intercongregational unit, special unit
any wafer, die, packaged device, or piece part thereof; includes product and nonproduct units.
(See "Game Unit")
one of the 26 geographical areas listed under Game Management Units in the codified hunting and trapping regulations and the Game Unit Maps of Alaska
a Ladies Auxiliary for an established FRA Branch
Any grouping or component comprising part of the organisational structure of an army
Unit means a part or parts of the land included in the description, and comprises all space enclosed by its boundaries in accordance with the Declaration and Description.
For the purposes of the Sustainable Landscape Information Series, a unit is a group of publications that concentrates on one topic area. There will be four units in the SULIS which are: Sustainable Landscape Design, Sustainable Landscape Implementation, Sustainable Plant Materials Selection, and Sustainable Landscape Maintenance. Each unit will build on the information presented in other units.
a flexible chemical detection device, which employs Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS)
A default, CCJ or one months arrears registered against a person.
A major piece of refining equipment. Any collection of machinery worthy of this title includes the complete set of hardware necessary to perform a process step. A crude distillation unit, for instance, incorporates a furnace, a fractionation tower, and all the pipes, pumps, and heat exchangers required to separate crude into cuts.
There are two types of Units: Principal Units are those in which you live or operate your business Accessory Units, as their name suggests, are accessories to the principal unit e.g. car parks, storage lockers, and access ways
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a chit that has movement speed and movement type
The least whole number; one.
an individual or group or structure or other entity regarded as a structural or functional constituent of a whole; "the reduced the number of units and installations"; "the word is a basic linguistic unit"
a structural entity, in which a number of activities can be defined by the teachers of the system
A degree is made up of a number of units (or parts) and a student is required to pass a particular number of these in order to complete their degree. These include optional and compulsory units.
degrees Celsius () Back to top of the page
a country partner of North Asia Strategic Advisors
open meeting to provide information or arrive at a consensus. Meetings are held more than once at different locations to encourage maximum member attendance.
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Alias used for House
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a physical object either in the field or in a specific collection
a storage container used by PROV to store physical records and to provide physical control over them
13 that which is simple
a simple to use, yet extremely effective means of achieving excellent results with standard CCD cameras
A unit is the object in the population that we select for our sample or that we make an observation on.
an individual who is part of the population and has a chance of being selected
The activities and discussion surrounding a selection. Home | Programs | Training | Participate | Contacts Copyright 2006 - The Great Books Foundation Getting Started with Great Books in the Classroom
an organization or a part of it with a mission and leadership of its own, the focus of assessment
an area bounded by one minute of latitude by one minute of longitude
Any outdoor advertising display.
An out of home advertising location.
An individual printed piece, such as a book.
In publishing, an individual printed piece, whether a book, magazine, or other publication. See also PIECE
Each of the parts into which an investment fund is divided up and which grants its holder rights of possession. They have no nominal value and their liquidating value is published daily by the management company.
A partial holding in a managed fund.
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a means of referring to an external file
A means of referring to a file to use in input/output statements. A unit can be connected or not connected to a file. If connected, it refers to a file. The connection is symmetric: that is, if a unit is connected to a file, the file is connected to the unit.
one person, thing, or group.
an example of things that can be done in support of commanders in the field
a piece of equipment that either holds or processes material
A piece of equipment or a place where you perform maintenance.
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a phase if the spell's casting time is in phases, a round if the spell's casting time is in rounds
A unit is a portion of a system to which an identification type number is applied. It is supported by a frame or frames and is self-enclosed or designed to be attached to another device. Normally a machine is considered to be a unit.
a group of combatants organised in some kind of formation
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a component of a larger project consisting of one class or a small set of related classes
a set of cells and when we use the set theory we can do operations on sets
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a complete preserving system
Keywords:  dollars, phrase, solution, feet, word
a word or phrase like dollars or feet that may be part of a solution
Keywords:  never, changes, amount
an amount that never changes
In collections, a term used to refer to the vehicle or other collateral for the loan or lease.
a waste handling activity associated with a facility
a uniquely identified asset that you want to manage
Central and branch locations. Also called AGENCY.
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A piece of hardware on which a device may be found.
Keywords:  drive, device, may
a device which may or may not have a drive in it
Keywords:  installation, month, fee, service, time
a one-time installation fee or one month of service
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See Also: Lighting Instrument
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See Investment Unit above.
A security representing an interest in a unit trust.
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See "cutting unit".
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See Data unit.