Definitions for "expansion"
The act of expanding or spreading out; the condition of being expanded; dilation; enlargement.
That which is expanded; expanse; extend surface; as, the expansion of a sheet or of a lake; the expansion was formed of metal.
Space through which anything is expanded; also, pure space.
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an increase in the production of goods and services over time, and in the volume of business transactions, generally associated with an increase in employment and an increase in the money supply. Opposite of contraction.
The operation of steam in a cylinder after its communication with the boiler has been cut off, by which it continues to exert pressure upon the moving piston.
expansion: the process of increasing consciousness (in a Spiritual context). An attribute of Ray 2. - One of the 72+ divine attributes of God.
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act of getting bigger, like an economy during a boom.
Phase of the business cycle as it climbs from a trough toward a peak.
A period of positive growth in the economy, starting from the point of the business cycle after the economy regained its pre- recession peak.
adult's more mature version of a child utterance that preserves the word order of the original child utterance. (e.g.,when a child says, "Doggie eat," an adult might reply, "The doggie is eating.")
Repetition of a child's utterance along with more complex forms.
the spread of slavery to new areas of the United States; primarily west of the Mississippi River
a new addendum to an existing game, usually adding new features, new virtual terrain to explore, and so on
An Expansion is a new town built at a location other than the player's main starting town.
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(1.)The very sight outward movement of the quarters of the hoof which may occur during weight bearing, and/or the increase in solar width which occurs as the hoof grows down. (2.) In refrence to a horseshoe, expansion describes the practice of fitting the posterior half of the shoe larger than the hoof to allow for hoof expansion.
the act or process of growing larger Minnehaha: Point-Source Pollution
to grow larger.
Expatriate Expectations hypothesis theories
a precursor to the antipiracy features Microsoft is building into Windows Vista, the update to the operating system expected in January
Growth, business expansion or economic recovery.
(leaf growth)
The organized, or planned growth, of the Greek system on a college campus.
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Lump Sum PSM
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a hole in the ledge
a regional issue, and a consensus of our neighboring cities is required to develop solutions
The ratio of the volume of the foam in its aerated state to the original volume of the non-aerated foam solution.
a discussion that provides additional information
The addition of a location for an existing business.
the addition of teams to the NHL.
The process of running a compressed data set through an algorithm that restores the data set to its original size. Compare with companding and compression.
The development of a class in the schedules or tables to provide further subdivisions. See also Revision.
a key strategic move in the Company mission to become a significant global player in the storage market
A change in the dimensions, usually cross grain direction, of a sheet of paper due to absorption of moisture.
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In the call graph, the process of adding nodes that either call or are called by the selected node. In the class graph, the process of adding the base and derived nodes of the selected node.
adding information or detail
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an implementation detail
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Economic expansion
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a string of words that stands for an acronym
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the section called “Shell expansions”, the section called “Shell expansion
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an expansion joint. See below.
The developed result of an indicated operation; as, the expansion of (a + b)2 is a2 + 2ab + b2.