Definitions for "Companding"
A noise-reduction technique involving compression applied at the transmitter, with complementary expansion at the receiver. A form of noise reduction using compression at the transmitting end and expansion at the receiver. A compressor is an amplifier that increases its gain for lower power signals. The effect is to boost these components into a form having a smaller dynamic range. A compressed signal has a higher average level, and therefore, less apparent loudness than an uncompressed signal, even though the peaks are no higher in level. An expander reverse the effect of the compressor to restore the original signal.
It is a process where the dynamic range of a signal is compressed for recording purposes and next it is expanded to its original value for reproduction or playback.
Compressing and expanding. A device (or pair of devices) that compress a signal and then expands the signal to keep it within a set range and/or to reduce noise. Used in wireless microphone systems to take the whole audio signal and compress it into a frequency bandwidth that can be transmitted. The receiver expands the signal back into its original frequency range.
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