Definitions for "sample"
A part of anything presented for inspection, or shown as evidence of the quality of the whole; a specimen; as, goods are often purchased by samples.
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One or more observations drawn from a larger collection of observations or universe (population).
the measurement of a signal level at one specific instant in time.
Digital representation of audio.
A digital "snippet" of a sound, which can be triggered by a MIDI keyboard. Can be a drum sound, orchestral sound or vocal phrase.
A part of a larger group of people. The sample may or may not be chosen by chance. This term can also be a verb, meaning to choose this smaller group.
A specimen that is taken from food and tested for the purpose of identifying a foodborne pathogen or various kinds of chemical contaminants in food.
a single item or specimen from a larger whole or group, such as any single sample of any medium (air, water, soil, etc.).
Indivisible element of an image that is stored in computer memory. In Microsoft DirectX Transform, a DXSurface is composed of an array of samples. The terms pixel and sample are often used interchangeably.
From Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Specification (Second Edition) ( 2003-11-10) intersection of a channel and a pixel in an image. number of bits used to represent a sample value. In an indexed-colour PNG image, samples are stored in the palette and thus the sample depth is always 8 by definition of the palette. In other types of PNG image it is the same as the bit depth. mapping of a range of sample values onto the full range of a sample depth allowed in a PNG image.
A single number in the image data; for example, the red value of a pixel. A pixel is composed of one or more samples. When discussing physical data layout (in particular, in Image layout), we use "sample" to mean a number stored in the image array. It would be more precise but much less readable to say "sample or palette index" in that context. Elsewhere in the specification, "sample" means a color value or alpha value. In the indexed-color case, these are palette entries not palette indexes.
In acceptance sampling, one or more units of product (or a quantity of material) drawn from a lot for purposes of inspection to reach a decision regarding acceptance of the lot.
Pieces of a lot provided to registered buyers for an evaluation prior to bidding.
A sample consists of one or more service outputs drawn from a lot, the outputs being chosen at random.
The data obtained from one interruption of an executing program. The sample includes statistical information and a stack trace.
in statistics, a group of data chosen from all the possible data.
sample space sampling distribution sampling frame sampling unit scalar secant sine sine rule skewness slope smooth solution solve spanning tree straight standard deviation standard error standard form statics stationary point stratified sampling statistic statistical experiment statistical model surd systematic sampling
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A generic term encompassing controls, blanks, unknowns, and processed samples, as described below: Blank: A sample of a biological matrix to which no analytes have been added that is used to assess the specificity of the bioanalytical method. Quality control sample (QC): A spiked sample used to monitor the performance of a bioanalytical method and to assess the integrity and validity of the results of the unknown samples analyzed in an individual batch. Unknown: A biological sample that is the subject of the analysis.
a single item produced before the main batch to check that the specification is correct.
Material collected from a source other than an animal or man for laboratory analysis (such as water sample or soil sample).
Term relates to the act of an individual interacting with a biometric system for the purpose of enrollment, identification or verification. The biometric data collected by the system is referred to as a sample.
A sample that contains data collected over a specified period of time during the execution of the application.
A dress or gown purchased by the salon from a designer to show prospective clients. Generally a size 8, 10 or 12, the gown may be tried on by only one, or by hundreds of people during its lifetime. As a result, samples can often be purchased at a discount, or, if in good condition, can be sold to customers that cannot wait for the normal delivery time for a custom gown. Most samples can be professionally cleaned, and with minor repairs, be nearly indistinguishable from a new gown. Samples can also be brought in for a limited time by the designer during a trunk show. Customer should always be told if the dress they are purchasing is a sample, or made-to-order.
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Cuttings of a rock formation broken up by the drill bit and brought to the surface by the drilling mud. These are examined by geologists to identify the formation and type of rock being drilled.
A sample is one drill hole interval and the rock code and assay information associated with that interval. Generally this information is as it appears on the drill hole logs from the field. Therefore, a sampled drill hole database contains drill hole information prior to compositing.
a DNA strand, Bacta shot is a hypodermic needle, etc
a relevant match to my DNA, i
A printed piece of the finished product.
a single piece of a paper product that you may request so you can see and feel our quality
a piece of clothing from a line that is specificly created for a shoot or a fashion show. Many samples are one of a kind pieces that are produced before the line is created. Samples are sometimes maked with permanent ink or have defects so that they cannot be resold.
A small quantity of tobacco (around two kilos) typically pulled from the process after the re-drying operation and compressed into a block measuring approximately 13 inches wide by 17 inches long by 4 inches thick. The purpose of a sample is to provide a representation of the overall quality and color of the tobacco being processed and to ensure consistency and uniformity within the blend.
To read the value of a signal at evenly spaced points in time; to convert representational data to sampled data (that is, synthesizing and rendering).
A small (generally 2x2-foot) representation of a decorative concrete installation, used as a selling tool or to experiment with various decorative treatments and techniques for applying materials.
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The biological material from which the nucleic acids have been extracted for subsequent labelling and hybridisation. MIAME distinguishes between: source of the sample (bio-source), its treatment, the extract preparation, and its labeling
a completed, if unproduced, script that proves a purported writer can actually write
A small amount of a product given for free to potential customers.
The removal of a small amount of rock pertaining to the deposit which is used to estimate the grade of the deposit and other geological parameters. Kimberlite samples for the recovery of diamonds are usually several hundred tonnes per sample.
an article which is imported for the bona fide purpose of taking orders for similar merchandise
a critical step in successful generation of transgenic mice
a short PCR-amplified fragment corresponding to a known gene or EST sequence
an unconstitutional search in violation of the Fourth Amendment and also in violation of the separation of powers doctrine
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a unit of data gathered by Puma
It is like a coordinate on a graph, the voltage / level at that piont in time.
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an excerpt from a pre-existing work that is used in
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the model or trial garment to be shown to the trade.
This is the first garment or original garment made by a designer which is then used to fit, to show, and to copy from.
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Sample copy of club's bulletin or newsletter.
a scientifically constructed guess that is close, but with a chance of being off the mark a bit
It is a statutory implied term that if there is a sale by sample then the bulk will comply with the sample and the buyer will have a reasonable opportunity to compare the bulk with the sample. The term may be excluded by the seller in a business to business sale if it is reasonable to do so.
To make or show something similar to; to match.
a recording of something that was already done, it's nothing synthetic
a small part of something that is intended to show the quality of it
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a minimal intrusion into his right to privacy
the value or magnitude of a continuously varying signal at a particular specified time.
A sample refers to a value or set of values at a point in time and/or space. The defining point of a sample is that it is a chosen value out of a continuous signal. The sample can be continuous-valued or discrete-valued.
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take a sample of; "Try these new crackers"; "Sample the regional dishes"
Any offering of green or roasted coffee being cupped.
a simple non invasive procedure that only takes a few minutes
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a direct pointer into a sheet
a measurement of a very specific point in time and/or a location in space
Measurements from one site or treatment in experiment
One measurement by a data acquisition board, usually consisting of a number which corresponds to a specific reading. Most boards are compared by the number of samples they can measure each second. This Sample Rate is best explained below at Speed.
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a relatively easy for us to do
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To take or to test a sample or samples of; as, to sample sugar, teas, wools, cloths.
a finished product that includes logo and personalization
The finish that is to be painted on the walls or ceiling is painted on a section of wall or on a board to show the client what the final outcome of finish will be.
Sensitivity training Slotting allowances
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a waste of money
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a real danger
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The number of people who were questioned.
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Example; pattern.
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A value that is read from or written to one channel.
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Example for reference.