Definitions for "Statistics"
The science which has to do with the collection, classification, and analysis of facts of a numerical nature regarding any topic.
The science dealing with collection, tabulation, and analysis of facts respecting the condition of the people in a state.
Classified facts of a numerical nature regarding any topic.
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The physical variables of a talent. Generally a composite or headshot will contain stats such as height, weight, hair, eye color, and shoe size for all... bust, waist, hip measurements and dress size for females, and jacket size, waist, inseam & shirt size for men.
These are the measurements of a male or female and include clothing size and height as well.
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(As in 'lies', 'damned lies', and 'statistics'.) The science -- and art -- of using arithmetic and probability theory to work out how likely an association between sets of measurements or between sets of observations is to have happened by chance alone. See also: statistical significance
The study of probabilities. Statistics are used in clinical trials to determine whether results obtained with the study drug are truly different from those obtained with the control (or placebo).
Quoting statistics is an effective technique, when compiled correctly, in qualifying a point in a text. Statistical details are solid proof that add weight to an argument. It must be noted that incomplete statistics are often used within advertising, for example :- Company 'X' quotes "Our olive oil is 99% pure". Without defining the purity, the statistic in unfinished. The use of statistics should be carefully undertaken.
Something Politicians and Marketers manipulate to show either what they did or their products does is really good, or what their opponents did or product does is really bad.
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a one-semester, three-credit course, however it is a prerequisite course and will not be counted as graduation credits
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a mind-numbing subject
an appropriate determinant, on its own at least anyway
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the daily count of “Items In” or documents added to the collection and “Items Out” or documents removed from the collection. Statistics are recorded on the Daily Statistics Sheet.
a market research tool, which takes into account the current daily shifts in demand in the German market
A screen that provides an overview of all departments in which the user is an administrator. Includes totals for each department and each topic. All totals are broken down by question status.
Home Office Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals, Great Britain, 2000
The statistical record showing the premiums and claims relating to an insurance or a reinsurance contract.
The player and team information kept for rating and awards.
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an eye-opener