Definitions for "Callback"
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When a desired survey respondent is not interviewed on the first attempt, a callback is made: i.e. a second or later attempt at an interview.
A request to repeat your audition.
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A function which is passed as a parameter to a HEX API function and called when the data requested with that function arrives.
A process for invoking a method or a desktop command, or for using the gadget library in an application; the means by which dialogs and gadgets respond to user input. For example, when an administrator makes a selection with the mouse, some action is initiated from the user interface to an underlying object representing some system resource or component; that is, the user interface "calls back" to the object to invoke some method or series of methods.
A routine whose address is passed to a library or operating system function, so the callback routine may subsequently be “called back” in response to some event. Callbacks are used with SmartHeap to handle memory-related error conditions.
An authentication technique that calls the sender back. After connection is made, the receiving side breaks the connection and calls the sender to ensure that the logon was made from an authorised computer. Callback prevents a stolen ID and password from being used on a different machine. Callback can also be used when calling internationally with prepaid calling cards.
This feature allows a user to dial in to a computer, type a log-on ID and password, whereupon the computer breaks the connection and automatically calls the user back.
A security precaution in which a user's preauthorized phone number is verified before allowing the user to connect to a network from a remote location.
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Referring to a word or phrase you mentioned earlier in your presentation.
joke that refers back to another joke performed earlier in the show; often presented in a different context.
A callback, in terms of comedy, is a joke which refers to one previously told in the set. The second joke is often presented in a different context than the one which was used in the initial joke. Callbacks are usually used at or near the end of a set, as the aim is to create the biggest laugh at the end of a comic set.
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With the Callback feature a caller to your queue can request to be called back. The caller leaves their number and name, hangs up and still maintains their position in the queue. When an agent becomes available, the Callback is delivered and the caller is out-dialed.
An agent arranges to call the customer back if: the agent needs to give the customer additional information the customer was not available when the agent called.
In contract service, a customer request which requires a check of a lift other than the regularly scheduled maintenance.
A way of running some code before or after a Controller or Model method has fired. Cake has several callbacks including beforeSave and afterSave.
a method defined on the client, which can be called by your service
a user supplied delegate that is called whenever Rhino Mocks needs to evaluate whatever a method call is expected or not
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an operation invocation made from a server to an object that is implemented in a client
a Tcl routine paired with a Sysctl command that determines whether the client is authorized to run the command
a well-defined, easy-to-use technique for developing real-time, Web-based clients
an informal term for a return visit made by a contractor to repair or replace items the homeowner has found to be unsatisfactory or that requires service under warranty.
a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair)
check digit co-ordinates compatibility Crescendo
A callback is a return to work causing an additional trip to the work location on a normal workday or any callback on an employee's day off.
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a predicate that is called when some condition is met
a communication back to the originating site www
A communication approach between a plug-in and a Windows Media server. When the server requests the plug-in to perform a specific task, the plug-in immediately indicates it will do so by returning S_OK. The real result of the executed task is passed back to the server asynchronously through the callback method.
In telecommunications, a callback (also written as call-back) occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response.
Telephone follow-up to a printed invitation or advisory.
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a hook into the program of the slide-display
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the system calls you when the number you want becomes free