Definitions for "Caller"
The third dealer, who stands opposite the other two. He calls for bets and cards and announces the results of each hand.
The poker player calling a bet or raise.
One who makes a call bet.
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the person, generally at the front left of the set, who calls out the figures of the dance
caller is a person that calls dance figures in round dances and square dances.
a person who announces the changes of steps during a dance; "you need a fiddler and a caller for country dancing"
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a social or business visitor; "the room was a mess because he hadn't expected company"
providing coolness; "a cooling breeze"; "`caller' is a Scottish term as in `a caller breeze'"
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Code that calls a method.
A client that invokes a method of an object. An object's caller isn't necessarily the object's creator. For example, client A could create object X and pass this reference to client B, and then client B could use that reference to call a method of object X. In this case, client A is the creator, and client B is the caller.
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See Crew Dispatcher.
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a "weak sister" Be AGGRESSIVE or DON'T play the hand
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A routine that calls another routine.
Someone who accesses a bulletin board from a remote location.
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an investor who buys a call option
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Anyone who makes a call.
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One who calls.