Definitions for "Basso continuo"
the part of a baroque score (figured bass part) played on two instruments (generally organ / harpsichord and cello / bassoon; the musicians who play this part.
foundation for improvised chords that fill in harmony.
The "rhythm section" of the Baroque period. It included one bass instrument (cello, bassoon, etc.) and one chord instrument (harpsichord, organ, lute, etc.). It was used throughout most of the music of the Baroque period. The most common combination was harpsichord and cello. ( Lesson 7, Page 2) HEAR IT
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See Thoroughbass.
a choirman who stops singing after everyone else
When a conductor can't get him to stop.
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The act of game fishing after the legal season has ended.
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The one who is always late on cut-offs.