Definitions for "Casino"
A building or room used for meetings, or public amusements, for dancing, etc., sometimes having gambling tables or devices.
A game at cards. See Cassino.
a business establishment for which the primary business is gambling, having various types of gambling tables, such as blackjack or roulette, and usually also slot machines, and sometimes other forms of gambling, such as poker; also, the main room of such an establishment where the gambling is conducted; as, the Trump casinos in Atlantic City.
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Casino is a 1990 album by Blue Rodeo.
Casino is a 1978 album by Latin jazz fusion guitarist Al Di Meola.
Casino is the 1997 follow-up to the album Physical Therapy, and revolves around a casino theme which influences some instrumentation and the name of each track. As the second studio album of Physical Therapy, it features sixteen more minutes of material than its predecessor. It is seemingly, at present, their last foray into commercial music.Casino, Physical Therapy.
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a good deal for the Senecas
a good deal for the state
a good start then maybe a slavery, drug and WOMD cartel and then maybe I'll be big enuff to be a banker
A monstrous vampire in the shape of a big gaudy building, which feeds upon gullible people who tend to perceive patterns in randomness. (see also: church)
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a Ponzi with a twist
Keywords:  disneyland, adults
a Disneyland for adults
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a business, and her actions were goin' t' make some o' th' patrons upset
a business folks, and what profit they show should be theirs to do whatever they feel is right
a cash business
Keywords:  amble, short
a short amble away
a way of getting hold of what is called in financial terms escape money and if Victorians are going to have a flutter I would rather see them do it in their own State with the State reaping some small benefit
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Casino dance usually refers to the Cuban technique and style of Salsa as opposed to other styles such as New York on 2 or Los Angeles on 1 styles of salsa dancing.
a good bet -- the bonus is credited automatically on your first deposit
a popular side bet in blackjack is around or less than
a profit making enterprise, and so it takes a small percentage out of almost every bet you make - whether you win or lose
Keywords:  indeed, bunch, deep
a deep bunch indeed
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Casino is an EP by Romanian hard rock group IRIS.
a principal component for making a hotel viable today
a very different thing altogether," Strong said
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a workplace for many people
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an entertainment establishment, aimed primarily at well-to-do clients
a private establishment and they can kick you out when ever they want
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a classic American affair
Keywords:  great, selection
a great selection
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a player depositing would start with in his account
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A small country house.
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a place you must come see