Definitions for "Workplace"
A term variously used to refer to the IBM Microkernel and to an architecture/initiative/set of standards to develop a common software base across all IBM platforms. The term was abandoned March 1995 and replaced by the IBM microkernel when it refers to the core operating system based on Mach, and by – well, nothing, really – when it refers to the set of standards.
a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today"
Any place where people are employed or working.
under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, "workplace" means a place, whether or not in an aircraft, ship, vehicle, building, or other structure, where employees or self-employed persons work or are likely to be in the course of their work. Certain workplaces, including mines, petroleum wells, and petroleum pipelines, are excluded.
a community and part of a community and people would value the links they have with their fellow workers
The physical area in which a person performs job activities; includes tables or counters, chairs, any controls and displays necessary, the lighting, and other environmental controls.
A list that fills the entire display and holds all of the objects that make up the user interface.
The industry environment in which training and assessment for specific competencies can occur.
an expression of identity and personality